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Огляд наукових досліджень в галузі вивчення напружено-деформованого стану трубобетонних конструкцій, Review of Research in the Field Study of the Stress-Strain State of Concrete-Filled Structures

  • Garanzha, Igor
  • Ivorra, Salvador
The paper presents an analytical review of the literature, which reflects the results of national and foreign scientific researches aimed to studying the features of the composition and dosage of components of self compacting concrete as one of the most promising aggregate for modern composite structures. In addition, the results of numerical and experimental researches of stress-strain state of composite structures (concrete-filled tubes) under the influence of various power factors, have been considered. The description and features of existing analytical methods for the determination of the bearing capacity of the considered structures under compression and bendings, have been given. The analysis of deformation model of confined concrete in a composition of the composite structure, as well as non-linear models of steel works with their distinctive features, has been carried out. The main approaches to the finite element modeling of composite structures have been determined.

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