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Nickel(II) removal by mixtures of Acorga M5640 and DP8R in pseudo-emulsion based hollow fiber with strip dispersion technology

  • González, Roberto
  • Cerpa Naranjo, Arisbel
  • Alguacil Priego, Francisco José
This work presents the investigation of Ni(II) extraction from aqueous solution through pseudo-emulsion based hollow fiber strip dispersion (PSEHFSD) containing the mixture 2-hydroxy-5-nonylbenzaldehyde oxime+di(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid/Exxsol D100 as extractant in the form of a pseudo-emulsion with H₂SO₄. The organic and aqueous strip phases are separated when the stirring device is stopped. The permeation of Ni(II) is investigated as a function of various experimental variables: hydrodynamic conditions, feed pH, extractants mixture concentration in the pseudo-emulsion, initial Ni(II) concentration in feed phase, H₂SO₄ concentration in the pseudo-emulsion as strippant. In PEHFSD, pseudo-emulsion is an emulsion that is formed temporarily between organic and stripping solutions. In this investigation, feed was circulated through the lumen side in counter-current mode. The selectivity of 2-hydroxy-5-nonylbenzaldehyde oxime+di(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid/Exxsol D100 based PEHFSD toward different metals was also examined., 3.155 JCR (2010) Q1, 28/193 Environmental sciences, UEM

Functional capacity of children with leukemia

  • San Juan, Alejandro F.
  • Chamorro-Viña, Carolina
  • Maté-Muñoz, José Luis
  • Fernández del Valle, María
  • Cardona González, Claudia Andrea
  • Hernández Núñez-Polo, Mercedes
  • Madero López, Luis
  • Pérez Ruiz, Margarita
  • Ramírez, Manuel
  • Lucía Mulas, Alejandro
The purpose of this study was to determine if the functional capacity and quality of life of children receiving treatment against acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is decreased compared to healthy age and gender-matched children. Functional capacity was assessed with a number of measurements as the peak oxygen uptake (VO2peak) and ventilatory threshold determined during a ramp treadmill test, functional mobility (Timed Up and Down Stairs test [TUDS]) and ankle dorsiflexion passive and active range of motion (passive and active DF-ROM, respectively). Quality of life (QOL) was determined with the Spanish version of the Child Report Form of the Child Health and Illness Profile-Child Edition (CHIP-CE/CRF). Fifteen children (9 boys, 6 girls; mean [SD] age: 6.8 +/- 3.1 years) receiving maintenance therapy against ALL were studied and fifteen, nonathletic healthy children (9 boys, 6 girls; 6.9 +/- 3.3 years) were selected as controls. The mean values of VO2peak and active DF-ROM were significantly (p < 0.05) lower in patients (25.3 +/- 6.5 ml . kg (-1) . min (-1) vs. 31.9 +/- 6.8 ml . kg (-1) . min (-1) in controls and 19.6 +/- 8.0 degrees vs. 24.1 +/- 5.0 degrees , respectively). Children's self report of satisfaction (with self and health) (p < 0.05), comfort (concerning emotional and physical symptoms and limitations) (p < 0.01) and resilience (positive activities that promote health) (p < 0.01) were significantly decreased in patients with ALL. In summary, children receiving treatment against ALL have overall lower functional capacity and QOL than healthy children. However, their physical condition and health status are sufficiently high to allow them to participate in physical activities and supervised exercise programs., 1.626 JCR (2008) Q2, 27/71 Sport sciences, UEM

Exercise in adult and pediatric hematological cancer survivors: an intervention review

  • Wolin, Kathleen Y.
  • Ruiz, Jonatan R.
  • Tuchman, H.
  • Lucía Mulas, Alejandro
Observational research has shown that the physical activity levels of survivors of hematological cancer are low, with deleterious health consequences. This review summarizes the research on exercise interventions in adult and pediatric hematological cancer survivors. We searched MEDLINE, SPORTDiscus, CINAHL, Embase, Cochrane and PEDro through September 2009 for exercise intervention studies in children and adults with any type of hematological cancer. In the 24 adult intervention studies reviewed, we found strong evidence (that is, > or =3 high-quality studies and > or =75% reporting a significant benefit) for a benefit on body composition. Weak, but promising, evidence (> or =3 high-quality studies, but <75% reporting a significant benefit) was found for cardiorespiratory fitness, fatigue, muscle strength, physical functioning and quality of life. In pediatric interventions (13 studies), we found strong evidence for a benefit on muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, particularly, if training was conducted in the hospital setting. Evidence is weak for ankle dorsiflexion, physical functioning and body composition. No exercise-related risks were identified in adults or children studies. Though more randomized controlled trials are needed, a growing body of literature supports the notion that regular physical activity is safe and has potential benefits for both adult and pediatric hematological cancer survivors., 8.966 JCR (2010) Q1, 4/66 Hematology, 10/185 Oncology, UEM

Genes and the ageing muscle: a review on genetic association studies

  • Garatachea, Nuria
  • Lucía Mulas, Alejandro
Western populations are living longer. Ageing decline in muscle mass and strength (i.e. sarcopenia) is becoming a growing public health problem, as it contributes to the decreased capacity for independent living. It is thus important to determine those genetic factors that interact with ageing and thus modulate functional capacity and skeletal muscle phenotypes in older people. It would be also clinically relevant to identify 'unfavourable' genotypes associated with accelerated sarcopenia. In this review, we summarized published information on the potential associations between some genetic polymorphisms and muscle phenotypes in older people. A special emphasis was placed on those candidate polymorphisms that have been more extensively studied, i.e. angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene I/D, α-actinin-3 (ACTN3) R577X, and myostatin (MSTN) K153R, among others. Although previous heritability studies have indicated that there is an important genetic contribution to individual variability in muscle phenotypes among old people, published data on specific gene variants are controversial. The ACTN3 R577X polymorphism could influence muscle function in old women, yet there is controversy with regards to which allele (R or X) might play a 'favourable' role. Though more research is needed, up-to-date MSTN genotype is possibly the strongest candidate to explain variance among muscle phenotypes in the elderly. Future studies should take into account the association between muscle phenotypes in this population and complex gene-gene and gene-environment interactions., 3.445 JCR (2013) Q1, 11/49 Geriatrics & gerontology, UEM

Competencias para la tutoría: Experiencia de formación con profesores universitarios

  • Castaño Perea, Enrique
  • Blanco Fernández, María Ascensión
  • Asensio Castañeda, Eva María
La acción tutorial constituye uno de los pilares de la docencia universitaria. La tutoría ha supuesto un importante acercamiento a las necesidades del estudiante y al seguimiento de su proceso de aprendizaje, que implican cambios en la metodología de la d, 0.128 IN-RECS (2011) Q2, 38/162 Educación, UEM

Effects of coaches' timeouts on basketball teams' offensive and defensive performances according to momentary differences in score and game period

  • Gómez López, María Teresa
  • Jiménez Sáiz, Sergio Lorenzo
  • Navarro Barragán, Rafael Manuel
  • Lago Peñas, Carlos
  • Sampaio, Jaime
The aim of the present study was to assess the effects of game timeouts on basketball teams' offensive and defensive performances according to momentary differences in score and game period. The sample consisted of 144 timeouts registered during 18 basketball games randomly selected from the 2007 European Basketball Championship (Spain). For each timeout, five ball possessions were registered before (n=493) and after the timeout (n=475). The offensive and defensive efficiencies were registered across the first 35 min and last 5 min of games. A k-means cluster analysis classified the timeouts according to momentary score status as follows: losing (−10 to −3 points), balanced (−2 to 3 points), and winning (4 to 10 points). Repeated-measures analysis of variance identified statistically significant main effects between pre and post timeout offensive and defensive values. Chi-square analysis of game period identified a higher percentage of timeouts called during the last 5 min of a game compared with the first 35 min (64.9±9.1% vs. 35.1±10.3%; χ2=5.4, P<0.05). Results showed higher post timeout offensive and defensive performances. No other effect or interaction was found for defensive performances. Offensive performances were better in the last 5 min of games, with the least differences when in balanced situations and greater differences when in winning situations. Results also showed one interaction between timeouts and momentary differences in score, with increased values when in losing and balanced situations but decreased values when in winning situations. Overall, the results suggest that coaches should examine offensive and defensive performances according to game period and differences in score when considering whether to call a timeout., 0.976 JCR (2011) Q3, 54/85 Sport sciences, UEM

Los Tratados de Iure Belli y el origen del derecho internacional. Una aproximación historiográfica a los estudios sobre el derecho de la guerra durante el primer franquismo, De Jure Belli Treaties and the origin of international law. A historiographical approach to studies on the law of war during the early Franco

  • Gómez Rivas, León María
Es bien conocida la aportación de la Escuela de Salamanca (siglos XVI y XVII) en el campo de la economía, la política o el derecho. En esta última disciplina, ya a comienzos del siglo XX se puso de manifiesto el influjo de Francisco de Vitoria y sus discípulos en los orígenes del moderno Derecho Internacional, precisamente a raíz de un buen número de tratados sobre el tema que presentamos a continuación: el derecho de la guerra, ofreciendo un balance historiográfico sobre aquellos autores escolásticos y su influencia durante el llamado primer franquismo., The name "School of Salamanca" is refered to a group of theologians and Natural Law philosophers who taught in the University of Salamanca, following the inspiration of the great tomist Francisco de Vitoria. They developed some original theories about Economy or International Law, in such a modern point of view, beginning from some very interesting Treatises on Justice or the Law of War and Peace, as we will see next., 0.101 SJR (2010) Q4, 523/663 History, 158/220 Religious studies, UEM

Effects of Integrative Neuromuscular Training on Fitness Performance in Children

  • Faigenbaum, Avery D.
  • Farrell, Anne
  • Fabiano, Marc
  • Radler, Tracy
  • Naclerio Ayllón, Fernando José
  • Ratamess, Nicholas A.
  • Kang, Jie
  • Myer, Gregory D.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of integrative neuromuscular training (INT) during physical education (PE) class on selected measures of health- and skill-related fitness in children. Forty children from two 2nd grade PE classes were cluster randomized into either an INT group (n = 21) or a control (CON) group (n = 19). INT was performed 2×/wk during the first ~15 min of each PE class and consisted of body weight exercises. INT and CON participants were assessed for health- and skill-related fitness before and after 8 wks of PE with or without INT, respectively. A significant interaction of group by time was observed in INT participants with improvements noted in push-ups, curl-ups, long jump, single leg hop, and 0.5 mile (0.8 km) run performance (p < .05). These data indicate that INT is an effective and time-efficient addition to PE as evidenced by improvements in health- and skill-related fitness measures in children., 1.711 JCR (2011) Q2, 44/115 Pediatrics, 36/85 Sport sciences; Q3, 54/79 Physiology, UEM

Lokomat robotic-assisted versus overground training within 3 to 6 months of incomplete spinal cord lesion: randomized controlled trial

  • Alcobendas-Maestro, Mónica
  • Esclarín-Ruz, Ana
  • Casado-López, Rosa M.
  • Muñoz-González, Alejandro
  • Pérez Mateos, Guillermo
  • González Valdizán, Esteban
  • Rodríguez Martín, José Luis
About 75% of persons with ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) Impairment Scale C and D incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) achieve walking ability. Our objective was to compare a walking reeducation program using Lokomat with conventional overground, 4.278 JCR (2012) Q1, 30/191 Clinical neurology, 2/63 Rehabilitation, UEM

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