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Method and apparatus for obtaining cardiovascular information by measuring between two extremities

  • Pallàs Areny, Ramon
  • Casanella Alonso, Ramón
  • Gómez Clapers, Joan
European Patent Application, In this patent of invention there are described a method and an apparatus for obtaining information on the cardiovascular system beat by beat and continuously which are based exclusively on measurements between two limbs and effected with a pair of distal electrodes on each limb. The measurement is made by causing an alternating current to flow between one electrode of each limb and measuring the potential difference between the other two electrodes, one also on each limb. This potential difference has a low frequency component which is the electrocardiogram (or ECG) and another component having the frequency of the injected alternating current and from which the so-called impedance plethysmogram (IPG) is extracted. The cardiovascular information will be determined by measuring the time interval between any predefined characteristic element of the ECG and one of the IPG., Peer Reviewed

Bioproductividad de cubiertas vegetales inclinadas. Efectos del PAR y la temperatura en Lactuca sativa L

  • Marfà Pagès, Oriol
  • Savé, Robert
  • Serrano Porta, Lydia
  • Olivella, C
  • Matas, J.

La mongeta del ganxet recuperada

  • Casañas Artigas, Francesc

Reforma Integral d'habitatge plurifamiliar

  • Sala Delgado, Mireia
Reforma integral de dos habitatges connectats per un celobert lateral. Un dels habitatges és unifamiliar i l'altra plurifamiliar. La principal idea és canviar l'ubicació de diferents espais, per convertir-ho en dos habitatges independents. En l'habitatge plurifamiliar es vol afegir un ascensor, i així guanyar comoditat. Per guanyar superfície es vol canviar l'ubicació del celobert, actualment està en un lateral de l'habitatge, obligant a les habitacions a ser més estretes. En el projecte s'ha estudiat la manera de distribuir l'espai i guanyar llum. Aquest pati interior es passarà a la part posterior, quedant aquest com a separació entre els dos habitatges. Per l'altre costat, s'ha de fer un estudi per a comprovar si es poden reutilitzar les bigues autoportants existents al forjat de l’edifici plurifamiliar, aquestes s’han anat canviant i estan en bon estat de conservació. Al mateix temps i amb totes les intervencions que es fan, els habitatges tindran una nova distribució interior, amb el conseqüent estudi de totes les instal·lacions i afegint les plaques fotovoltaiques necessàries per a l'edifici. En l'habitatge unifamiliar, es vol fer l'aixecament d'una planta Àtic i l'ampliació d'una obertura existent a la façana per a destinar-ho a garatge. En l'interior es canviarà el lloc destinat a l'escala per accedir als pisos superiors. S'estudiarà una nova distribució interior per cadascuna de les plantes. La coberta inclinada de teula àrab de l'àtic, estarà formada per bigues vistes de fusta i rajol ceràmic. Com afectem al volum de l'edificació existent, seran d'aplicació les normatives fixades per el Pla d'Ordenació Urbana Municipal del terme de Blanes (Girona).

Aplicación Android para fomentar y facilitar la ayuda entre personas, Aplicació mòbil per a promoure l'ajuda entre persones

  • Jiménez García, Aarón
La tecnología con el paso de los años se ha ido expandiendo por diversas áreas de la vida humana, ocupando un papel principal en ella. Esta gran expansión se debe, sin duda alguna, a dos principales factores: la disponibilidad de Internet en cualquier lugar y al gran auge de los teléfonos inteligentes y el mercado de aplicaciones para teléfonos móviles. Los ámbitos de la colaboración, la ayuda y la forma de compartir han sido de los más afectados y los que más pueden evolucionar de entre todos. Este proyecto propone utilizar dicha expansión para fomentar el consumo colaborativo a través de la creación de una aplicación móvil para dispositivos Android, la cual, fomente y facilite la colaboración entre diferentes personas que requieran ayuda que estén cerca entre sí., Over the years, technology has expanded through different areas of human life and has adquired an important role in it. This large expansion is undoubtedly due to two main factors: the posibility of using the Internet anywhere and the big expansion of smartphones and the mobile application market. The areas of collaboration, help and sharing have been the most affected and they are the ones that can evolve the most. This project has the purpose of using the expansion in order to promote collaborative consumption through the creation of a mobile application for Android devices which will encourage and facilitate collaboration between different people who require help.

A methodology to analyze the presence of sustainability in engineering curricula. Case of study: ten Spanish engineering degree curricula

  • Sánchez Carracedo, Fermín
  • Moreno Pino, Francisco Manuel
  • Sureda Carbonell, Bàrbara
  • Antúnez López, Miguel
  • Gutierrez Blanco, Ibon
This paper presents a methodology to analyze the sustainability presence level in the curriculum of an engineering degree. The methodology is applied to ten engineering degrees of the Spanish university system, taught in three different universities. The design used for the research is quantitative and correlational. The analytical instrument used is the Engineering Sustainability Map, which contains the learning outcomes related to sustainability that are expected of engineering students upon completion of their studies. The methodology is used to analyze the curricula of the ten engineering degrees in order to identify what learning outcomes of the Engineering Sustainability Map are developed in each degree. The results indicate that the sustainability competency least present in all the degrees is the "Participation in community processes that promotes sustainability", with an average presence of 23.3%, while the most present is the "Application of ethical principles related to the values of sustainability in personal and professional behavior ", with an average presence of 76.6%. In general, learning outcomes related to sustainability have an average presence of 52.1%, so that practically half of the cells in the ten Engineering Sustainability Maps are not developed in the degrees under study., Peer Reviewed

Aplicació web per a gestió de projectes

  • Vilella Muñoz, Marc
The use of management applications has increased exponentially in recent years with the technological revolution. This fact led to have a wide variety of applications for this field; however, in most cases, each application has a very specific purpose requiring users to use several services. The project is an attempt to design and create entirely a web application to obtain an all-in-one manager. The software seeks to provide the necessary functionalities for the management and administration of projects in a single place, in other words, a greater simplicity of usage, which will lead to have a great benefit differentiating itself from other similar services. The web application is based on the use of the Angular framework that allows improving its scalability and performance with the adoption of best practices. In addition, it supports the implementation of a reactive state management that substantially improves graphic performance and simplifies application growth. On the other hand, the server is made with Node.js, which works in two modes, via HTTP requests for authentication and via WebSockets for the remaining functionalities, allowing simultaneity among clients and thus improve the user experience. Once the development has progressed, a set of functional tests ensures that the functionalities are working properly. These tests will be performed each time that there is a new functionality in the application in order to verify that the previous functionalities are still working. The document, in addition to the development and verification, includes the work plan with a Gantt diagram and the monthly hours per month, the design of the web application using views, structure of the database, the current final views and how the application will progress once submitted.

Numerical simulation of cardiovascular system deconditioning in different microgravity mission scenarios. Risk assessment and countermeasures

  • Pérez Poch, Antoni
We report results from di¿erent intensive simulations aimed at evaluate the risks involved in a long-term exposure to hypo and hypergravity loads for a very extensive range of possible mission scenarios. The simulation allows us to introduce di¿erent levels of exposure to micro or hypergravity, analyse the consequences on relevant ¿gures of cardiovascular deconditioning, such as heart rate, mean stroke volume or vascular resistance; and evalatue the relative risk of putting a mission into jeopardy due to micrograv-ity deconditioning e¿ects.Thermical stress, aerobic or anaerobic exercise are also simulated to take into account a realistic long-term space mission including, for example, ExtraVehicular Activities (EVA) or physical exercise as countermeasure. Gender di¿erences have been found, with a signi¿cant di¿erence in risk decrement for women compared with that in men, when aerobic exercise is simulated in long-term missions. The model is based on previous works form Melchier et al. or Heldt et al. who described in analytical terms the process of orthostatic intolerance due to gravity alterations being applied ot a subject. We then incorporated these Runge-Kutta equations into a numerical model by using Matlab and Simulink software, to take into account the complex process of deconditioning of the cardiovascular system. Results from these models were validated in parabolic ¿ight. The simulation is based on an electrical-like control system model in which output variables of the body performance (vascular resistance,blood volume etc) are found while step-by-step changes of gravity and thermal stress were applied. Di¿erent micrograivity exposure scenarios, including Moon, Mars and other exploration missions are considered, and their asso-ciated risks are quanti¿ed. The more relevant results are provided, including the ¿nding that the vascular resistance deconditioning appears to be alike in both microgravity and the reduced gravity at the level of the Moon. This deconditioning is not reversed by applying countermeasures; which raises concerns for successful manned Mars mission scenarios and others which include long-term microgravity exposure. Last results from these intensive numerical simulations of the deconditioning of the cardiovascular system show a variety of mission scenarios, with their risk assessment; which can be an optimal tool for planifying long-term manned missions with hypo and hypergravity exposure.

Optimal energy management system for V2G chargers combined with PV and ESS in a real environment

  • Corchero García, Cristina
  • Farré, Jordi
  • Igualada González, Lucía
  • Pons, Xavier
  • Sanmartí Cardona, Manel
The integration of Electric Vehicles in electricity grids is very likely to pose several challenges to the electrical grid operation and expansion. The potential flexibility of the load associated to the EV charging and the possibility of discharging the EV using vehicle to grid (V2G) chargers offers the opportunity to provide new services to the end users. One real installation in Nissan headquarters in Barcelona has been selected to perform and present a comparative analysis of the differences in EV charge performance and electricity purchase between the use of dummy chargers, smart chargers and V2G chargers managed by an EMS based., Peer Reviewed

Hacia un modelo teórico del comportamiento espacial de las actividades de oficina

  • Marmolejo Duarte, Carlos Ramiro
  • Roca Cladera, Josep
La teoría general de la localización clasifica en cuatro grupos a los factores que condicionan el emplazamiento de todo tipo de actividades urbanas: accesibilidad, jerarquía social, economías de aglomeración y externalidades ambientales. Sin embargo, para cada subconjunto de actividades (industria, comercio, distribución logística, etc.) existen factores, dentro de dichos grupos, cuya incidencia se eleva por encima de la del resto, conformando de esta manera cuerpos teóricos específicos. La investigación que aquí se reporta parte de la hipótesis de la existencia de un factor que de manera consustancial explica el comportamiento locativo de las actividades de oficina. Más en el fondo aún, se trata de hallar las razones profundas que articulan el cuerpo de una teoría específica sobre la localización de dichas actividades. Una vez hallado y aislado dicho factor fundamental se construye un modelo teórico de interacción espacial con el objeto de probar, en el campo empírico, la validez que de las hipótesis que de él se desprenden., Peer Reviewed

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