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Iron oxide nanoparticles as carriers for DOX and magnetic hyperthermia after intratumoral application into breast cancer in mice: impact and future perspectives, Nanomaterials

  • Piehler S., Dähring H., Grandke J., Göring J., Couleaud P., Aires A., Cortajarena A.L., Courty J., Latorre A., Somoza Á., Teichgräber U., Hilger I.

Mutant p53-associated molecular mechanisms of ROS regulation in cancer cells, Biomolecules

  • Cordani M., Butera G., Pacchiana R., Masetto F., Mullappilly N., Riganti C., Donadelli M.

Utilization of Sc3N@C80 in long-range charge transfer reactions, Chemical Communications

  • Wolfrum S., Pinzón J.R., Molina-Ontoria A., Gouloumis A., Martín N., Echegoyen L., Guldi D.M.

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