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Derecho en la Complutense: un tesoro escondido

  • Vigil de Quiñones Otero, Diego
Testimonio de un antiguo alumno sobre la Facultad de Derecho de la UCM

Cuaderno de prácticas de Derecho civil I. Plan hispano francés

  • Vigil de Quiñones Otero, Diego
Enunciados del seminario de prácticas de Derecho civil I. Plan hispano francés.

Cuaderno de prácticas de Derecho civil III. Derechos reales.

  • Vigil de Quiñones Otero, Diego
Casos empleados en los seminarios prácticos de la asignatura.

Renormings of c0 and the fixed point property

  • Álvaro, J. M.
  • Cembranos, Pilar
  • Mendoza Casas, José
It is unknown whether all renormings of c0 fail the fixed point property (FPP) or not. In this note we give a sufficient condition for a renorming of c0 to fail the FPP which is more general than the previously known ones. In fact the condition is satisfied for all renormings of c0 we know. It also allows us to show that for some usual renormings of c0 not only the whole space but all its infinite dimensional subspaces fail the FPP.

Nonsmooth Morse–Sard theorems

  • Azagra Rueda, Daniel
  • Ferrera Cuesta, Juan
  • Gómez Gil, Javier
We prove that every function f:Rn→R satisfies that the image of the set of critical points at which the function f has Taylor expansions of order n−1 and non-empty subdifferentials of order n is a Lebesgue-null set. As a by-product of our proof, for the proximal subdifferential ∂P, we see that for every lower semicontinuous function f:R2→R the set f({x∈R2:0∈∂Pf(x)}) is L1-null.

La equidad de género en las legislaciones de Seguridad Social Iberoamericanas

  • Huertas Bartolomé, Tebelia
  • Cabezas González, Almudena
  • Torrens Margalef, Jorge
  • Fernández Arrúe, Eva

Solution landscapes in nematic microfluidics

  • Crespo, Mª
  • Majumdar, A.
  • Ramos del Olmo, Ángel Manuel
  • Griffiths, I. M.
We study the static equilibria of a simplified Leslie–Ericksen model for a unidirectional uniaxial nematic flow in a prototype microfluidic channel, as a function of the pressure gradient G and inverse anchoring strength, B. We numerically find multiple static equilibria for admissible pairs (G,B) and classify them according to their winding numbers and stability. The case G=0 is analytically tractable and we numerically study how the solution landscape is transformed as G increases. We study the one-dimensional dynamical model, the sensitivity of the dynamic solutions to initial conditions and the rate of change of G and B. We provide a physically interesting example of how the time delay between the applications of G and B can determine the selection of the final steady state.

Ul'yanov-type inequalities and embeddings between Besov spaces: The case of parameters with limit values

  • Domínguez, Oscar
In this paper we obtain some limit cases of inequalities of Ul'yanov-type for modulus of smoothness between Lorentz-Zygmund spaces on Tn . Corresponding embedding theorems for the Besov spaces are investigated.

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