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A lanthanide MOF immobilized in PMMA transparent films as a selective fluorescence sensor for nitroaromatic explosive vapours, Journal of Materials Chemistry C

  • Moscoso F.G., Almeida J., Sousaraei A., Lopes-Costa T., Silva A.M.G., Cabanillas-Gonzalez J., Cunha-Silva L., Pedrosa J.M.

Plasmon-exciton interactions on single thermoresponsive platforms demonstrated by optical tweezers, Nano Letters

  • Hormeño S., Bastús N.G., Pietsch A., Weller H., Arias-Gonzalez J.R., Juárez B.H.

Atomic-scale friction on stepped surfaces of ionic crystals, Physical Review Letters

  • Steiner P., Gnecco E., Krok F., Budzioch J., Walczak L., Konior J., Szymonski M., Meyer E.

Exploring the limits of soft x-ray magnetic holography: Imaging magnetization reversal of buried interfaces (invited), Journal of Applied Physics

  • Camarero J., Jiménez E., Vogel J., Tieg C., Perna P., Bollero A., Yakhou-Harris F., Arm C., Rodmacq B., Gautier E., Auffret S., Delaup B., Gaudin G., Dieny B., Miranda R.

[2,2']paracyclophane-based π-conjugated molecular wires reveal molecular-junction behavior, Journal of the American Chemical Society

  • Molina-Ontoria A., Wielopolski M., Gebhardt J., Gouloumis A., Clark T., Guldi D.M., Martín N.

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