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Conjoint Analysis of Tourist Choice of Hotel Attributes Presented in Travel Agent Brochures

  • Huertas García, Rubén
  • Laguna García, Marta
  • Consolación Segura, Carolina
The purposes of this study are to demonstrate how it is possible to determinewhich attributes are the most important in the final choices of tourists who use a travel agent brochure as a source of information and how these attributes influence perceived value in a pre-purchase stage.We conduct the study in three phases: (i) a qualitative study, (ii) an experiment using choice-based conjoint analysis by means of a fractional factorial experimental design and (iii) another experiment using a full factorial derived from the same design. Results suggest advertisement size, a hotel's starred rating and price influence perceived value at this stage. The presence of a positive combined effect of price and advertising was found. Implications and directions for future applications are offered,focusing particularly on marketing services.

Using response surface methodology to optimize factors in conjoint experiments

  • Huertas García, Rubén
  • Gázquez Abad, Juan Carlos
  • Martínez López, Francisco J., 1975-
  • Esteban Millat, Irene
Identifying relevant attributes or variables is the first objective of conjoint analysis in market research. As a result of technological development, today it is common for researchers to use sequential experimental methods for adjusting design factors in successive phases. In particular, in the field of consumer behaviour these models are used predominantly for assessing subjective perceptions relating to the attributes of different products with high sensorial components (e.g. food, drinks and personal care products) ...

Intra-population variation in isotopic niche in herring-eating killer whales off Iceland

  • Samarra, F. I. P.
  • Vighi, Morgana
  • Aguilar, Àlex
  • Víkingsson, G. A.
Among-individual variation in dietary preferences can impact community dynamics and be a driving force for evolutionary divergence, although it can be difficult to assess in free-ranging marine mammal populations. In this study, we investigate the existence of variation in isotopic niche within a population of putative herring-specialist killer whales. Isotopic ratios of carbon and nitrogen were measured in 67 skin biopsy samples from 56 individual killer whales, sampled in herring overwintering (winter) grounds and spawning (summer) grounds in Iceland when the whales were presumably feeding on herring. Whales that appeared to follow herring year round (n = 31) had lower δ15N values, consistent with a diet predominantly composed of herring. This supports the existence of herring specialists in the population. In contrast, whales that were only photo-identified either in winter or in summer (n = 25) had larger variation in δ15N values. A discriminant function analysis clearly distinguished between putative herring specialists and whales seasonally travelling to Scotland in summer (n = 3), which exhibited distinctly larger δ15N values indicative of a diet including higher trophic level prey. This study shows that herring-eating killer whales in Iceland exhibit intra-population ecological variation, whereby individuals or groups differ in the proportional contribution of different prey items to their diet. This variation occurs in the absence of social and, potentially, reproductive isolation. Although further information will be required to assess the degree of structuring within the population, such heterogeneity should be taken into account in future conservation and management plans.

La alianza terapéutica en la danza movimiento terapia con pacientes con discapacidad intelectual : estudio de caso

  • Barnet, Sílvia
  • Pacheco Pérez, Meritxell
  • Panhofer, Heidrun
  • Zelaskowski, Peter
  • Pérez Testor, Susana
  • Guerra Balic, Míriam
Presentamos un estudio de caso cualitativo descriptivo. La participante es una mujer de 39 años con Discapacidad Intelectual, específicamente Síndrome de Down, que realizó una intervención individual en Danza Movimiento Terapia (DMT). Los objetivos del estudio son: (1) conocer los elementos relevantes de la Alianza Terapéutica (AT) que se estableció durante la intervención consistente en 19 sesiones en DMT y (2) observar si estos elementos de la AT contribuyen al éxito de los objetivos de la intervención. Los objetivos de la intervención fueron: aumentar el conocimiento del propio cuerpo, aumentar el control de impulsos y la tolerancia a la frustración, mejorar la comunicación y la relación con el otro y fomentar la iniciativa, la creatividad, la seguridad y su autonomía. El terapeuta realizó notas de campo para recoger los elementos más importantes del caso en relación a la construcción de la AT y de los objetivos de la intervención. Posteriormente se realizó un análisis de contenido. Los resultados muestran que se construyó una AT saludable, lo cual permitió alcanzar los objetivos de la terapia. Así mimo, este estudio de caso es una aportación al ámbito de la DMT, que nos permite conocer mejor el trabajo realizado en este tipo de intervenciones.

Construcción del registro de observación para el análisis del movimiento fundamentado en la teoría de Laban

  • Barnet, Sílvia
  • Arbonés, Mar
  • Pérez Testor, Susana
  • Guerra Balic, Míriam
This paper describes the development process of an observation record inspired in Laban’s Movement Analysis (ROAM) for Intellectually Disabled (ID) people. An objective and standardized measurement of a person’s general movement tendencies can be obtained from ROAM, in addition to making observations before and after an intervention, therefore learning about movement changes of an individual. The design of ROAM was developed in several stages: for the first one, basic elements were identified for the record and different versions of ROAM were created using the expert judges technique. Later stages involved an exploratory study, where two sessions of movement-dance therapy were evaluated in a group of ID adults using the record. Our results show that ROAM exhibits good indexes for content validity as well as intra- and inter-observer reliability (0.72). Thus, we conclude that ROAM allowed us to analyze the general movement characteristics of intellectually disabled individuals participating in this exploratory study., En este artículo se describe el proceso de construcción de un Registro de Observación inspirado en el Análisis del Movimiento de Laban (ROAM) en personas con Discapacidad Intelectual (DI). La aplicación del ROAM permite obtener una medida objetiva y estandarizada sobre las tendencias generales de movimiento de la persona, además de poder utilizarse en observaciones pre y post intervenciones y así conocer los cambios de movimiento del individuo. El del ROAM se desarrolló en varias fases, en la primera de las cuales se identificaron los elementos básicos para el registro y se realizaron diversas versiones del ROAM mediante la técnica de jueces expertos. En las fases posteriores se realizó el estudio exploratorio, utilizando el registro para evaluar dos sesiones de danza movimiento terapia en un grupo de adultos con DI. Los resultados muestran que el ROAM presenta unos buenos índices de validez de contenido y de fiabilidad inter e intra observadores (0.72), por tanto, el ROAM permitió analizar las características generales del movimiento de las personas con DI que participaron en el estudio exploratorio., Neste artigo se descreve o processo de construção de um Registro de Observação inspirado na Análise do Movimento de Laban (ROAM) em pessoas com Deficiência Intelectual (DI). A aplicação do ROAM permite obter uma medida objetiva e padronizada sobre as tendências gerais de movimento da pessoa, além de ser possível sua utilização em observações pré e pós intervenções e assim conhecer as mudanças de movimento do indivíduo. O desenho do ROAM foi desenvolvido em várias fases, na primeira das quais se identificaram os elementos básicos para o registro e realizaram diversas versões de ROAM através da técnica de juízes peritos. Nas fases posteriores foi realizado o estudo exploratório, utilizando o registro para avaliar duas sessões de dança movimento terapia em um grupo de adultos com DI. Os resultados mostram que o ROAM apresenta alguns bons índices de validade de conteúdo e de fiabilidade inter e intraobservadores (0,72), portanto, o ROAM permitiu analisar as características gerais do movimento das pessoas com DI que participaram no estudo exploratório.

Intermittent cooling during judo training in a warm/humid environment reduces autonomic and hormonal impact

  • Carballeira, Eduardo
  • Morales Aznar, José
  • Fukuda, David H.
  • Granada, María L.
  • Carratalá-Deval, Vicente
  • López Díaz de Durana, Alfonso
  • Stout, Jeffrey R.
The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of superficial cooling on physiological responses while training in a warm, humid environment during an international judo training camp. Sixteen judokas (8 women and 8 men) participated in the experiment. Four high-level women and four men were randomly assigned to wear a cooling vest (vest group, VG) during the recovery periods within a training session (i.e. 8 bouts of 5 min fighting with 5 min rest) and up to 10 min after the session, while the remaining athletes in the control group (CG) trained without the use of any cooling aids. No differences between groups were reported in well-being prior to the session or in perceived fatigue following the session. The temperature was increased after the training session (p=0.02) without significant differences between groups; however, CG demonstrated a moderate effect size (ES=0.95, 90% confidence interval [CI] from 0.09 to 1.82; probability of superiority [PS]=74.9%) in contrast to the small effect for VG (ES=0.28, 90% CI from -0.55 to 1.11; PS=57.9%). There were time × group interactions for heart rate variability (HRV; lnRMSSD) (p<0.01; VG vs. CG, PS=79.0%) and the dehydroepiandrosterone-cortisol ratio (DHEA/C ratio) (p=0.04; VG vs. CG, PS=99.9%). VG preserved the cardiac autonomic control (p>0.05; ES=-0.06, 90% CI=-0.88 to 0.76; PS=51.7%) compared to the large decrement of CG (p<0.05; ES=-1.18, 90% CI=-2.07 to -0.29; PS=74.9%). Furthermore, VG showed an increase of DHEA/C (p<0.01) from pre- to post-session based on a moderate decrease of cortisol (p>0.05; ES=-0.67, 90% CI=-1.52 to 0.17; PS=68.2%) with a concomitant small increase of DHEA (p>0.05; ES=0.46, 90%CI=-0.38 to 1.29; PS=62.7%). Conversely, the control group showed a moderate effect for increased DHEA and a small effect for increased cortisol following training. No significant interactions or main effects were shown for isometric handgrip values. Cooling vests diminished the cardiovascular strain and hormonal impact of the judo training session in high-level athletes and may be considered for recovery purposes during exercise in warm/humid environments.

Valor de la procalcitonina com a marcador pronòstic en el pacient politraumàtic en una unitat de cures intensives pediàtriques, Valor de la procalcitonina como marcador pronóstico en el paciente politraumático, en una unidad de cuidados intensivos pediátricos, The value of procalcitonin as a prognostic indicator in polytraumatized patients in a pediatric critical care unit

  • Sardà Sánchez, Marta
  • Triviño, Miriam
  • Vila, David
  • Cambra Lasaosa, Francisco José
  • Jordán García, Iolanda
Fonament. El politraumatisme (PT) greu té una morbimortalitat elevada. La procalcitonina PCT) podria ser útil com a indicador pronòstic. Objectiu. Definir els nivells de PCT en el pacient poli-traumàtic (PPT) i la seva implicació pronòstica. Mètode. Estudi prospectiu observacional. Criteris d'inclusió: pacients menors de 16 anys, ingressats per PT en una unitat de cures intensives pediàtrica (UCIP), amb determinació de PCT a l'ingrés i al cap de 24-48 hores. Període d'estudi: novembre del 2009 - novembre del 2011. Tractament esta- dístic mitjançant el paquet SPSS® versió 17.0. Resultats. De seixanta-set pacients amb politraumatisme, vint complien criteris. La mitjana d'edat era de 13,6 ± 4,2 anys i 19 (95%) eren homes. La puntuació del Pediatric Risk of Mortality Score Index (PRISM-III) era de 9,8 ± 7,38 i l'Índex de Trauma Pediàtric (ITP) de 5,5 ± 2,08. Els nivells mitjans de PCT a les 24 hores eren de 7,67 ± 18,05 ng/ml. Es van diagnosticar vuit casos d'infecció bacteriana. Cap pacient va ser èxitus. La PCT es va correlacionar amb la puntuació PRISM-III (R 0,6; p = 0,048). Els nivells mitjans de PCT eren significativament superiors en el grup que va necessitar ventilació mecànica respecte als que no en van necessitar(p = 0,046) i en el grup de pacients infectats (p = 0,039). Es va objectivar una tendència a la correlació entre els valors mitjans de PCT a l'ingrés i els dies d'ingrés (R 0,393, p = 0,1). Conclusions. Els valors de la PCT van ser elevats, per la freqüència de la complicació bacteriana en els PPT. La PCT podria ser útil com a factor pronòstic.

Persona i Nacionalisme

  • Segura Ferrer, Pere
El debat sobre nacionalisme sembla prendre relleu i actualitat. Amb la desaparició dels condicionaments igualitaris a l'est d'Europa, ha tingut lloc un ressorgiment dels diferents pobles amb les seves reivindicacions. Les nacions sense Estat, en el nostre àmbit reclamen una Europa dels Pobles.

Religiositat i religió: de tornada de l'alienació

  • Nello Figa, Antoni
Al llarg d'aquest article, l'autor realitza una anàlisi antropològica de la dimensió religiosa de la persona humana, distingint els conceptes de religiositat i religió.

Tracking positive and negative effects of inequality on long-run growth [WP]

  • Castells-Quintana, David
  • Royuela Mora, Vicente
Despite extensive research, there is still controversy on the effects of income inequality on economic growth. The literature proposes several transmission channels through which these effects may take place, and even the existence of two different forms of inequality. However, empirical studies have generally not distinguished between these channels, nor have their analyses included a consideration of the two forms of inequality and their separate effects on growth. In this paper we review the theory and the evidence on the different transmission channels through which inequality influences growth.

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