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Fruit characteristics and cuticle triterpenes as related to postharvest quality of highbush blueberries

  • Moggia Lucchini, Claudia
  • Graell i Sarle, Jordi
  • Lara Ayala, Isabel
  • Schmeda-Hirschmann, Guillermo
  • Thomas-Valdés, Samanta
  • Lobos, Gustavo A.
Chilean fresh blueberries take 20-50 days to arrive by boat to the Northern hemisphere, softening and dehydration being the main defects upon arrival. The effect of maturity at harvest (75% blue, 100% blue, and overripe) on cuticular triterpene content, and the possible associated impacts on firmness and weight loss after cold storage were explored for 'Duke' and 'Brigitta' fruit, both non-bagged or bagged in macroperforated low-density polyethylene bags. Softening and weight loss varied with cultivar and maturity stage: 'Duke' fruit softened faster and were more prone to dehydration than 'Brigitta' samples, whereas overripe fruit were less firm after storage. This is the first report characterizing the triterpenoid fraction in cuticles of fresh blueberries, which may play a role in their postharvest behavior. Weight loss and softening rates were highly correlated to ursolic acid contents at harvest; further research will be required for a better understanding of these relationships.

Nilpotent centres via inverse integrating factors

  • Algaba, Antonio
  • García, Cristóbal
  • Giné, Jaume
In this paper we are interested in the nilpotent center problem of planar analytic monodromic vector fields. It is known that the formal integrability is not enough to characterize such centers. More general objects are considered as the formal inverse integrating factors. However the existence of a formal inverse integrating factor is not sufficient to describe all the nilpotent centers. For the family studied in this paper it is enough.

Experimental evaluation of a heating radiant wall coupled to a ground source heat pump

  • Romaní Picas, Joaquim
  • Pérez Luque, Gabriel
  • Gracia Cuesta, Alvaro de
A radiant wall heating system embedded in a heavy brickwork envelope and coupled to a ground source heat pump supplied has been experimentally tested under real outdoor conditions. This system was applied to a room sized cubicle built in Puigverd de Lleida (Spain) test-site, where it was studied in system vs. system analysis in comparison to a reference cubicle built with commercial available technologies (insulated alveolar brick wall and air-to-air heat pump). The results showed the potential of the radiant wall, which in continuous operation reached energy savings between 19.97% and 40.72% based on set-point temperature. Most important, the active thermal mass of radiant wall allowed operating in off peak periods. Otherwise, this peak load shifting ability was completely inexistent in the reference cubicle. However, the results show that the radiant cubicle was unsuited to operate in occupancy schedules due to its slow response time. Furthermore, the tests show that optimization of the radiant wall system requires a control strategy that takes in account the dynamics of the system.

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM): a critical approach

  • Blanc Altemir, Antonio
  • Ortiz Hernández, Eimys
The seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Union for the Mediterranean enables to have a greater perspective to examine its development. Therefore, this work provides some reflections on the path followed by the Union for the Mediterranean, which has generally been described by the doctrine as negative. The initial project promoted by the then candidate for the French Republic presidency, Nicolas Sarkozy, coped with unfavourable circumstances since its creation, which have determined its progress. This paper analyses in a critical approach the development of the UfM, as well as the reasons for its stagnation, while proposing measures to overcome it, and achieve their full effect in the medium term., Sept ans après la création de l’Union pour la Méditerranée, et avec le recul suffisant pour étudier sa mise en œuvre, le travail ici présenté prétend apporter plusieurs réflexions en relation avec la trajectoire suivie par l’UpM, généralement considérée comme négative par la doctrine. Le projet initial, proposé par Nicolas Sarkozy, se heurta, dès les premiers moments à des circonstances défavorables qui ont influencé sa trajectoire postérieure. Le travail analyse de manière constructive le développement de l’UpM, ainsi que les raisons de sa stagnation, tout en proposant des mesures pour la surmonter et atteindre une efficacité maximum à moyen terme., Transcurridos siete años desde la creación de la Unión por el Mediterráneo, y con la perspectiva suficiente para analizar su desarrollo, el presente trabajo pretende aportar unas reflexiones sobre la trayectoria seguida por la UpM, que en general ha sido calificada de negativa por parte de la doctrina. El proyecto inicial promovido por el entonces candidato a la presidencia de la República francesa, Nicolás Sarkozy, afrontó desde sus inicios circunstancias desfavorables que han determinado su trayectoria. El presente artículo analiza de forma crítica el desarrollo de la UpM, así como las razones de su estancamiento proponiendo al mismo tiempo medidas para superarlo y lograr su plena efectividad a medio plazo.

Halving in some genus 2 curves over binary fields

  • Garra Oronich, Ricard
  • Miret, Josep M. (Josep Maria)
  • Pujolàs Boix, Jordi
We give a method to compute the halving of a divisor in the Jacobian variety of a genus 2 curve in characteristic 2. We present explicit halving formulae for each possible divisor class for some curves (those with h (x)= x), detailing all the process to obtain them. We improve the fastest known formulae for some divisor classes in the studied type of curves.

La integración del ferrocarril de alta velocidad en el medio urbano. El caso de Segovia-Guiomar

  • Bellet, Carme
  • Alonso Logroño, María Pilar
  • Casellas, Antònia
La llegada del tren de alta velocidad genera oportunidades de dinamización que deben de ser ante todo concretadas a escala local. Los lugares suelen reaccionar desplegando medidas de planificación y gestión para garantizar la mejor integración de la nueva infraestructura, procurar su coherencia con el modelo territorial y el mejor aprovechamiento de la accesibilidad que genera el nuevo tren. En este artículo se estudian las medidas desarrolladas en Segovia a raíz de la implantación del tren de alta velocidad con una estación localizada en la periferia, por lo que tuvieron que desplegarse un buen número de acciones de planificación territorial y gestión de la movilidad. A través del planeamiento municipal se trata de integrar la estación y su entorno al conjunto urbano, con el desarrollo de suelo urbanizable y nueva infraestructura viaria. La gestión de la movilidad pasa inicialmente por la articulación de la estación con el centro urbano a través de servicios de autobuses coordinados con los horarios de los trenes., The arrival of the high-speed train service generates opportunities for dynamisation that particularly affects the local scale. Local scale authorities usually react by deploying planning and management resources to guarantee the best possible integration of new infrastructure in the local environment, striving to make sure that these new elements are coherent with the existing urban fabric and to maximise the level of accessibility generated by its presence. In this article, we examine the measures undertaken in Segovia and associated with the establishment of its new high-speed train station. The fact that the station was located in a peripheral area implies the need to undertake a wide range of measures to manage physical planning and maximise mobility. Municipal and territorial planning highlights the importance of infrastructure and of integrating a station and its immediate surroundings within the wider urban area. This normally entails the development of land through urban planning and additional transport infrastructure. For the present, managing mobility implies structuring the interaction between the railway station and the urban centre by coordinating bus services with train schedules.

Curiosidad hacia temas sexuales y/o de horror y personalidad desinhibida en delincuentes y no delincuentes

  • Aluja Fabregat, Antón
  • Torrúbia, Rafael
Se estudia la relación entre curiosidad por temas sexuales y de horror y rasgos de personalidad desinhibida e impulsiva en un grupo de presos y en otro de no presos (estudiantes y personal sanitario). Las medidas utilizadas han sido la escala de Curiosidad hacia Temas Morbosos (CTM), la escala de Curiosidad hacia Temas Sexuales (CTS), el Inventario de Hostilidad de Buss-Durkee (BDHI), el Cuestionario de Personalidad de Eysenck (EPQ) y la Escala de Búsqueda Sensaciones, forma V, de Zuckerman (EBS). Se concluye que la personalidad desinhibida se relaciona efectivamente con la curiosidad hacia temas sexuales y morbosos, siendo esta relación mayor en los delincuentes. Este hallazgo está en consonancia con la teoría de la Búsqueda de Sensaciones de Zuckerman.

Validation study of the Spanish Version of the Work-Family Conflict Questionnaire (CCTF)

  • Blanch Plana, Angel
  • Aluja Fabregat, Antón
In this study, a brief Work-Family Conflict (WFC) Questionnaire in the Spanish language is proposed that takes into account the two directions commonly reported in the literature: work interference with family (WIF), and family interference with work (FIW). The results obtained through exploratory factor analyses (EFA) and confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) with two independent samples, carried out for women and men, showed acceptable validity and reliability. A copy of the instrument in Spanish language is provided, together with the Amos 4 syntax to perform the factor invariance analysis for women and men. The suggested Work-Family Conflict Questionnaire (in Spanish, abbreviated as CCTF) may be useful in studies performed in the work setting, considering the special relevance of the concept in this line of research., En este estudio se propone un cuestionario breve en lengua española para medir conflicto trabajo – familia, que tiene en cuenta las dos direcciones comúnmente informadas en la literatura: interferencia del trabajo en la familia (TF), e interferencia de la familia en el trabajo (FT). Los resultados obtenidos mediante análisis factorial exploratorio y análisis factorial confirmatorio con dos muestras independientes y llevados a cabo para mujeres y hombres, mostraron una validez y fiabilidad aceptables. Se proporciona una copia del instrumento utilizado en lengua española, así como la sintaxis en Amos 4 para llevar a cabo el análisis de invarianza factorial para mujeres y hombres. El cuestionario de conflicto trabajo – familia (CCTF) que se propone, puede ser útil en los estudios realizados en el mundo del trabajo, ya que se trata de un concepto de especial relevancia en esta línea de investigación.

Variaciones en las pautas de localización industrial: formación del "Corredor Industrial del Ebro" y General Motors

  • Alonso Logroño, María Pilar
El trabajo examina como la ubicación de la factoría de General Motors E., a treinta kilómetros del casco urbano de Zaragoza, está contribuyendo a la acentuación de dos aspectos: la implantación de un nuevo modelo de localización industrial cada vez más alejado de la ciudad, en la medida que los medios de transporte se van desarrollando y la corisolidación del "Corredor Industrial del Ebro", como una de las zonas más dinámicas de todo el "Eje del Ebro"., The work revises in what manners the location of the factory General Motors E., 30 kilometres far from the ciry centre of Zaragoza, is helping to the remalk of two aspecrs: the research of a new industrial setring far from the cit)) this due to rhe new and more advanced means of transporr and on the other hand the consolidatione of "Corredor Industrial del Ebro" live one of the mosr dinamic and working areas into the Ebro net work.

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