Publicación Artículo científico (article). 2023

Sign Language Dataset for Automatic Motion Generation

Archivo Digital UPM
Archivo Digital UPM
  • Villa Monedero, María
  • Gil Martín, Manuel
  • Sáez Trigueros, Daniel
  • Pomirski, Andrzej
  • San Segundo Hernández, Rubén
Several sign language datasets are available in the literature. Most of them are designed for sign language recognition and translation. This paper presents a new sign language dataset for automatic motion generation. This dataset includes phonemes for each sign (specified in HamNoSys, a transcription system developed at the University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany) and the corresponding motion information. The motion information includes sign videos and the sequence of extracted landmarks associated with relevant points of the skeleton (including face, arms, hands, and fingers). The dataset includes signs from three different subjects in three different positions, performing 754 signs including the entire alphabet, numbers from 0 to 100, numbers for hour specification, months, and weekdays, and the most frequent signs used in Spanish Sign Language (LSE). In total, there are 6786 videos and their corresponding phonemes (HamNoSys annotations). From each video, a sequence of landmarks was extracted using MediaPipe. The dataset allows training an automatic system for motion generation from sign language phonemes. This paper also presents preliminary results in motion generation from sign phonemes obtaining a Dynamic Time Warping distance per frame of 0.37.

Archivo Digital UPM

Archivo Digital UPM
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Archivo Digital UPM