Ontological representation of time-of-flight camera data to support vision-based AmI

  • Serrano, Miguel Á.
  • Gómez Romero, Juan
  • Patricio Guisado, Miguel Ángel
  • García, Jesús
  • Molina, José M.
Proceedings of: 4th International Workshop on Sensor Networks and Ambient Intelligence, 19-23 March 2012, Lugano ( Switzerland), Recent advances in technologies for capturing video data have opened a vast amount of new application areas. Among them, the incorporation of Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) environments. Although theperformance of tracking algorithms have quickly improved, symbolic models used to represent the resulting knowledge have not yet been adapted for smart environments. This paper presents an extension of a previous system in the area of videobased AmI to incorporate ToF information to enhance sceneinterpretation. The framework is founded on an ontologybased model of the scene, which is extended to incorporate ToF data. The advantages and new features of the model are demonstrated in a Social Signal Processing (SSP) application., This work was supported in part by Projects CICYT TIN2011-28620-C02-01, CICYT TEC2011-28626-C02-02, CAM CONTEXTS (S2009/TIC-1485) and DPS2008-07029- C02-02., Publicado