The DI@L-log System: Integration of Speech Technologies in Healthcare Applications

  • Griol, David
  • Molina, José M.
Proceedings of: XIV Conferencia de la Asociación Española para la Inteligencia Artificial CAEPIA'11. AIHealth. I Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Biomedical Applications. San Cristobal de la Laguna, Tenerife. 07-10 noviembre 2011, In this paper, we describe a spoken dialog system developed to collect monitored data from patients su ering from diabetes. The dialog model of this system has been developed by means of a statistical methodology for automatically exploring the dialog space and learning new enhanced dialog strategies from a dialog corpus. A dialog simulation technique has been applied to acquire data required to train the dialog model and then explore the new dialog strategies. A set of measures has also been defined to evaluate the dialog strategy. The results of the evaluation show how the dialog manager deviates from the initially predefined strategy, allowing the dialog manager to tackle new situations and generate new coherent answers for the situations already present in the initial corpus. The proposed technique can be used not only to develop new dialog managers but also to explore new enhanced strategies., Research funded by projects CICYT TIN 2008-06742-C02-02/TSI, CICYT TEC 2008-06732-C02-02/TEC, CAM CONTEXTS (S2009/TIC-1485), and DPS 2008-07029- C02-02., Publicado