Optical photometry of the UCM lists I and II - II. B band surface photometry and morphological discussion

  • Pérez González, Pablo Guillermo
  • Gallego Maestro, Jesús
  • Zamorano Calvo, Jaime
  • Gil de Paz, Armando
We present Johnson B surface photometry for the UCM Survey galaxies. One-dimensional bulge-disk decomposition is attempted, discussing on fitting functions and computational procedures. The results from this decomposition, jointly with concentration indices and an asymmetry coefficient, are employed to study the morphological properties of these galaxies. We also compare our results with the previous morphological classification established using Gunn r imaging data and with other samples of galaxies. No major statistical differences in morphology are found between red and blue data, although some characteristics such as size and luminosity concentration vary. We find a correlation between luminosity and size. Several parameters are used to segregate the objects according to their morphological type.