Time frames and circumstances of measurement

  • Andrade Fernández, Elena María
  • Rodríguez Salgado, Dolores
Brief description of file entitled ‘Andrade_Rodríguez_timeframe_700participants’: A sample that comprised 700 individuals: 428 (61.1%) men and 272 (38.9%) women, of mean age 22.51 years. Two groups of 350 participants each were used to compare different sets of instructions.
Brief description of file entitled ‘Andrade_Rodríguez_circumstances-of-measurement_446participants’: A sample of 446 participants: 344 (77.1%) men and 102 (22.9%) women, of mean age 15.13 years. Two groups of 223 participants each were compared according to their different circumstances of measurement, These two data files are part of a study emphasizing the need for analysis of structural equivalence before using a single self-report with more than one set of instructions, or in diverse circumstances.
They support the findings reported in a scientific manuscript which is currently under review.
The publication of these data files does not compromise study participants’ privacy
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