Assembled transcripts obtained after RNA-seq analysis of Philasterides dicentrarchi B1, C1 and I1 isolates

  • Lamas Fernández, Jesús
  • Leiro Vidal, José Manuel
Funded European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 634429) (PARAFISHCONTROL project), Assembled transcripts obtained from raw sequence reads after RNA-seq analysis of cultured P. dicentrarchi B1, C1 and I1 strains, obtained after RNAseq of cultured ciliates. Ciliates were isolated from experimentally infected turbot and cultured for three weeks in L-15 medium with 10% FCS at 18 oC. Then, ciliates were subjected to transcriptome analysis by using RNAseq
Proyecto: EC/H2020/634429