Conjoint Analysis of Tourist Choice of Hotel Attributes Presented in Travel Agent Brochures

  • Huertas García, Rubén
  • Laguna García, Marta
  • Consolación Segura, Carolina
The purposes of this study are to demonstrate how it is possible to determinewhich attributes are the most important in the final choices of tourists who use a travel agent brochure as a source of information and how these attributes influence perceived value in a pre-purchase stage.We conduct the study in three phases: (i) a qualitative study, (ii) an experiment using choice-based conjoint analysis by means of a fractional factorial experimental design and (iii) another experiment using a full factorial derived from the same design. Results suggest advertisement size, a hotel's starred rating and price influence perceived value at this stage. The presence of a positive combined effect of price and advertising was found. Implications and directions for future applications are offered,focusing particularly on marketing services.