Data related to the paper : Using a multi-proxy approach to locate the elusive Phoenician/Persian anchorage of Tel Akko (Israel)

  • Giaime, Matthieu
  • Jol, Harry M.
  • Salmon, Yossi
  • López, Gloria I.
  • Abu Hamid, Amani
  • Bergevin, Logan
  • Bauman, Paul
  • McClymont, Alastair
  • Sailer-Haugland, Ethan
  • Artzy, Michal
Funding agency: United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (Project number: 2016080), Unidad de excelencia María de Maeztu CEX2019-000940-M, Excel file of the data (Magnetic susceptibility and faunal record) from sedimentary cores. The data are free to use for everyone interested.
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