Spectral Library of Rooftop Urban Materials

  • Zambrano Prado, Perla
  • Josa Garcia-Tornel, Alejandro
  • Rieradevall, Joan
  • Gassó Domingo, Santiago
  • Gabarrell Durany, Xavier
Unidad de excelencia María de Maeztu MdM-2015-0552, The Spectral Library of Rooftop Urban Materials (SLyRUM) is divided into 6 sections according to material classes, including different types of ceramics, metals, plastics, roofing tile, rocks, concrete, and wood. This library was developed with the aim to support the knowledge of spectral characteristics of rooftop materials from the Mediterranean region. The SLyRUM has been developed by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Sostenipra Research Group.
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