Peer-reviewed papers on artistic activism (until October 2019)

  • Rodríguez-Labajos, Beatriz
List of peer-reviewed articles on how activists use art. We mined references with the search sequence (("art" or "arts" or artist* or film* or photo* or music*) AND (activis* or "social mov*")) in Scopus® and Web of ScienceTM in October, 28th, 2019. After discarding non-relevant articles, this procedure yielded 5221 items (journal papers, books and book chapters) related to artistic activism in 63 countries reported between 1922 and 2019. The dataset includes an ID, the title, abstract, year of publication, authors and source title of each piece. Additionally, we coded all pieces according to whether they addressed environmental topics or not (with a 'Yes' / 'No' answer). Finally, all environmentally-related pieces and all pieces published in 2018 (the last complete year available) were coded according to whether they explicitly address gender or not (with a 'Yes' / 'No' answer).
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