The embeddedness of social capital in personal networks

  • Molina, José Luis
  • Lubbers, Miranda J.
  • Valenzuela García, Hugo
  • García-Macías, Alejandro
The dataset contains 60 cases of social entrepreneurs in two countries, Mexico (N=30), and Catalonia, Spain (N=30). The variables describe egos, and social venture characteristics, along with the aggregates of two methods of alter elicitation: Multiple Name Generator (MNG), and Position Generator (PG). The MNG enquires about 8 types of support for starting or running the business (emotional support, financial capital, advice or information, help with administrative issues, clients or suppliers, collaborators, and others). In order to measure the social capital embedded in the personal network elicited with the MNG, respondents were asked to report the main occupation of each alter. The occupation was coded using the same occupational labels and prestige score tables as in the case of the PG (SIOPS-08).