Raw data to support the manuscript with the following intended title : The poly-histidine tag H6 mediates structural and functional properties of disintegrating bacterial amyloids

  • Sanchez, Julieta M.
  • Carratalá, José Vicente
  • Serna, Naroa
  • Unzueta Elorza, Ugutz
  • Nolan, Verónica
  • Sánchez Chardi, Alejandro
  • Voltà-Durán, Eric
  • López-Laguna, Hèctor
  • Ferrer-Miralles, Neus
  • Vázquez Gómez, Esther
  • Villaverde Corrales, Antonio
Altres ajuts: CIBER-BBN project: NANOPROTHER, Raw data of a set of experiments aimed to explore the involvement of His-tags in the formation of bacterial inclusion bodies
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