Inventories and raw data for the research : "Incorporating user preferences in rooftop food-energy-water production through integrated sustainability assessment"

  • Toboso-Chavero, Susana
  • Villalba, Gara
  • Gabarrell Durany, Xavier
  • Madrid, Cristina
Altres ajuts: UE. Interreg NWE 474, (2017-2021), This research is based on the participatory integrated sustainability assessment of five different scenarios of the implementation of open-air farming, rooftop greenhouses, green roofs, photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting in the municipality of Badia del Vallès. The dataset includes the different inventories to perform a life cycle assessment, also the raw data for the sustainability assessment performed with all the environmental, social and economic indicators and also the outcomes of the participatory process carried out in Badia del Vallès to select the best future scenario.
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