Raw data from Palomés-Borrajo et al, Journal of Neuroscience Research, 2021

  • Palomés Borrajo, Georgina
  • Navarro, Xavier
  • Penas Pérez, Clara
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Altres ajuts: Instituto de Salud Carlos III of Spain, co-funded by European Union. Project number: ERDF/ESF, "Investing in your future", This dataset contains the recordings used for the statistical analysis collected in the article "BET protein inhibition in macrophages enhances dorsal root ganglion outgrowth in female mice", submitted to the Journal of Neuroscience Research. It contains numerical data of qPCRs and electrophysiological recordings derived from the in vivo experiments, as well as information of neurite outgrowth of DRG explants, drug toxicity and Western Blots of the ex vivo research. Data is classified in several tabs according to the figures found in the paper.
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