Term base files for BACUS 2.0 projects

  • Doğru, Gökhan
These are 3 different term base file formats derived from BACUS Project, which is a multilingual terminology database. In the framework of BACUS 2.0, the content is shared with a user friendly interface. BACUS is a database born with the will of constituting a resource for the access and dissemination of the terminology works made by the students of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. From 1995 and within the framework of the Terminology Applied to Translation class, our students have done terminology research of multilingual character in several fields of specialty. These works are presented now in digital version for free access of all the Internet community with the aim of becoming a useful tool for different groups (proof-readers, translators, specialists, etc.). Every project has been supervised by an expert on the subject and has been developed at least in three languages; chosen among the languages offered in our degree (Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Spanish). The current web interface includes 21 languages, however, the database files includes more languages.
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