Publicación Artículo científico (article). 2020

Flash Gas Chromatography in Tandem with Chemometrics: A Rapid Screening Tool for Quality Grades of Virgin Olive Oils

Dipòsit Digital de la UB
Dipòsit Digital de la UB
  • Barbieri, Sara
  • Cevoli, Chiara
  • Bendini, Alessandra
  • Quintanilla-Casas, Beatriz
  • García González, Diego Luís
  • Gallina Toschi, Tullia
This research aims to develop a classification model based on untargeted elaboration of volatile fraction fingerprints of virgin olive oils (n = 331) analyzed by flash gas chromatography to predict the commercial category of samples (extra virgin olive oil, EVOO; virgin olive oil, VOO; lampante olive oil, LOO). The raw data related to volatile profiles were considered as independent variables, while the quality grades provided by sensory assessment were defined as a reference parameter. This data matrix was elaborated using the linear technique partial least squares-discriminant analysis (PLS-DA), applying, in sequence, two sequential classification models with two categories (EVOO vs. no-EVOO followed by VOO vs. LOO and LOO vs. no-LOO followed by VOO vs. EVOO). The results from this large set of samples provide satisfactory percentages of correctly classified samples, ranging from 72% to 85%, in external validation. This confirms the reliability of this approach in rapid screening of quality grades and that it represents a valid solution for supporting sensory panels, increasing the effciency of the controls, and also applicable to the industrial sector.
Proyecto: EC/H2020/635690

Dipòsit Digital de la UB

Dipòsit Digital de la UB
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