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Highly fluorinated benzobisbenzothiophenes, Organic Letters

  • Wang Y., Parkin S.R., Gierschner J., Watson M.D.

EDOT-type materials: Planar but not rigid, Journal of Physical Chemistry A

  • Medina B.M., Wasserberg D., Meskers S.C.J., Mena-Osteritz E., Bäuerle P., Gierschner J.

An oligomer study on small band gap polymers, Journal of Physical Chemistry A

  • Karsten B.P., Viani L., Gierschner J., Cornil J., Janssen R.A.J.

Periodically rippled graphene: Growth and spatially resolved electronic structure, Physical Review Letters

  • Vázquez De Parga A.L., Calleja F., Borca B., Passeggi M.C.G., Hinarejos J.J., Guinea F., Miranda R.

Elementary structural motifs in a random network of cytosine adsorbed on a gold(111) surface, Science

  • Otero R., Lukas M., Kelly R.E.A., Xu W., Lægsgaard E., Stensgaard I., Kantorovich L.N., Besenbacher F.

Carbon Supported CdSe Nanocrystals, Journal of the American Chemical Society

  • Juárez B.H., Meyns M., Chanaewa A., Cai Y., Klinke C., Weller H.

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