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Aran : Ua identitat incomòda. Discorsi sus era identitat aranesa en Internet. Reaccions ath projècte de Lei de Vegueries.

  • Vila Parcerisa, Mònica
Analisi des discorsi sus era identitat aranesa en Internet pendent era polemica pera aprobacion deth Projècte de Lei de Vegueries, en hereuèr de 2010. A trauès der estudi d'aguesti discorsi s'identifiquen quini son es principaus trèits identitaris damb es quaus se definissen es aranesi., Anàlisi dels discursos sobre la identitat aranesa a Internet durant la polèmica per l'aprovació del Projecte de Llei de Vegueries, el mes de febrer de 2010. A través de l'estudi d'aquests discursos s'identifiquen quins són els principals trets identitaris amb els quals es defineixen els aranesos., Análisis de los discursos sobre la identidad aranesa en Internet durante la polémica por la aprobación del Proyecto de Ley de Veguerías, el mes de febrero de 2010. A través del estudio de estos discursos se identifican cuáles son los principales rasgos identitarios con los que se definen los araneses., This paper analyses the discourses on Aranese identity on the Internet throughout the controversy over the adoption of the Vegueries Law, on February 2010. Through the study of these discourses are identified the main identitary traits with which Aranese define themselves.

Cultural landscapes in Argentina : research, project and representation

  • Pesoa Marcilla, Melisa
  • Orduña Giró, Paula
  • Sabaté Bel, Joaquín
This article aims to contribute to the use of the concept "cultural landscape" as a tool for the analysis and development of territorial projects in Argentina. In the first part, we intend to summarize some views on the concept of cultural landscape, about the origin of the term, its diffusion and the possibilities and paradoxes that it implies. In the second part, we discuss the way in which this concept becomes a project tool, while in the third part, we highlight the central role that drawing has in the analysis and project. In the fourth part, we present two case study that illustrate the problems we enunciate in the preceding sections. Finally, the conclusions take up the possibilities, challenges and paradoxes of this way of projecting in which the detailed study of the identity of the territory makes it possible to find a way to manage it in a way that reverts to local development., Peer Reviewed

The main factors and rules of stress shadow of perpendicular cracks

  • Wang, Daobing
  • Zhou, Fujian
  • Ge, Hongkui
  • Zlotnik, Sergio
  • Yang, Xiangtong
  • Peng, Jinlong
Based on elasticity theory, we use numerical Galerkin finite element discretization method and implement Matlab finite element code to simulate “stress shadow” distributions of mutual orthogonal fractures. The principal stress and principal distributions have the symmetry characteristic on the intersection (coordinate origin). The relationships between stress shadow and flow pressure ratio, pore pressure, fluid pressure and horizontal stress contract are analyzed, respectively. By these techniques of variable displacement construction, changing the viscosity of the fracturing fluid, exploitation of oil and gas wells changing pump rate and fracturing fluid viscosity, reducing pore pressure and increasing the injection volume, taking the advantages of shadow effect, it is likely to produce a complex fracture network., Peer Reviewed

The game theory analysis on covering overall migrant workers by their participation in legal housing reserves

  • Chen, Ai
According to the policies from different provinces and regions, existing problems are analyzed. With the game theory analysis,backgrounds and processes of the policies are imitated based on institution and migrant workers level.On the base of the analysis,some solutions are also proposed which can be beneficial to migrant workers.

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