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Aran : Ua identitat incomòda. Discorsi sus era identitat aranesa en Internet. Reaccions ath projècte de Lei de Vegueries.

  • Vila Parcerisa, Mònica
Analisi des discorsi sus era identitat aranesa en Internet pendent era polemica pera aprobacion deth Projècte de Lei de Vegueries, en hereuèr de 2010. A trauès der estudi d'aguesti discorsi s'identifiquen quini son es principaus trèits identitaris damb es quaus se definissen es aranesi., Anàlisi dels discursos sobre la identitat aranesa a Internet durant la polèmica per l'aprovació del Projecte de Llei de Vegueries, el mes de febrer de 2010. A través de l'estudi d'aquests discursos s'identifiquen quins són els principals trets identitaris amb els quals es defineixen els aranesos., Análisis de los discursos sobre la identidad aranesa en Internet durante la polémica por la aprobación del Proyecto de Ley de Veguerías, el mes de febrero de 2010. A través del estudio de estos discursos se identifican cuáles son los principales rasgos identitarios con los que se definen los araneses., This paper analyses the discourses on Aranese identity on the Internet throughout the controversy over the adoption of the Vegueries Law, on February 2010. Through the study of these discourses are identified the main identitary traits with which Aranese define themselves.

Formation of high architecture in the city of Rzeszow

  • Rybka, Adam
  • Janczuk, Marta
  • Jarema-Kusnierz, Klaudia
  • Roset Calzada, Jaime
Peer Reviewed

Nowy, lekki prefabrykowany system stropowy

  • Bellmunt Ribas, Rafael
  • Pons Valladares, Oriol

Overview of Andalusia Sustainable Construction Situation., Analiza sytuacji budownictwa zrównowazonego w andaluzji

  • Montes Delgado, María Victoria de
  • Jiménez Díaz, Manuel
  • Lucas Ruiz, Rafael
  • Marrero Meléndez, Madelyn
  • Mercader-Moyano, Pilar
  • Ramírez de Arellano Agudo, Antonio
  • Solís-Guzmán, Jaime
The International Conference on Sustainable Construction took place in Sevilla last November. The meeting was organized by the Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) in collaboration with the Professional Association of Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects of Seville (COAATSE) and the School of Technical Architects (EUAT). The conference was part of SUSPURPOL Project (Sustainable Planning and Purchasing Policies) which promoted the ideas and experience exchange among experts on sustainable construction from the participant regions: South East England (United Kingdom), Malopolska (Poland) and Andalusia (Spain). The conference analyzed the actual situation in three main aspects: ongoing political initiatives, legal regulation and specific solutions from research work done at the University of Seville.

Akredytacja kompetencji zawodowych: doświadczenia hiszpańskie, Accreditation of professional skills: Spanish experiences

  • Gallardo Vázquez, Pedro
  • Gallardo López, José Alberto
  • Nowakowski, Michal
The article refers to the Spanish experience in the field of accreditation of skills acquired through informal education. It also shows the role of counselor in this process and describes the procedure of evaluation for certification of professional competence

Kształcenie Zawodowe W Andaluzji, Vocational Training in Educational System in Andalusia

  • Gallardo Vázquez, Pedro
This article addresses the issue of vocational training in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Andalucia. It is making a reference to vocational training in the education system and introduces various aspects of training courses, e-lerning and modular learning. Also and describes various aspects of new titles, National System of Professional Qualification, lifelong learning

Building Narkofim house in Moscow : lessons from the Weimar Republic

  • Movilla, Daniel
  • Sotoca García, Adolfo
  • Gyurkovich, Mateusz
In the scenario of instability and change that characterised the USSR during the 1920s, the group of constructivist architects led by Moisey Ginzburg were tackling the problem of the lack of housing for workers in large Soviet cities. The solutions provided by Ginzburg’s team were developed under the aegis of the Soviet platforms OSA and Stroykom. They were conducted in three successive stages culminating in the building of the Narkomfin House. However, the architectural modernity achieved in Narkomfin was associated to the advancements in the housing building sector made by their European contemporaries. This article analyses the actual connections between the building of this Moscow prototype and Western models that were beginning to be developed in Europe, especially in Germany. This conception repositions the research conducted by Ginzburg’s team within a process of complex and critical assimilation that integrated the new modern Western techniques., Peer Reviewed

Greenery as an element of shaping urban public spaces dedicated to culture

  • Sotoca García, Adolfo
  • Gyurkovich, Mateusz
Architectural and urban structures and complexes associated with cultural functions in European cities currently constitute elements of their spatial structure that are significant to their status and image. They co-create essential sequences of urban and landscape interiors, both within historical spatial layouts, as well as newly-designed ones, most commonly including those fragments of urban tissue that are subjected to urban regeneration processes. Many of these spaces are accompanied by green compositions, most commonly in the form of small flower-beds or rows of trees that highlight the monumentalism of urban and architectural complexes and which are meant to symbolise the rank and position of individual cultural institu­tions. Apart from historical park and residence complexes that are currently being adapted to functions associated with cul­ture, it is very rare for arranged greenery to dominate in these types of layouts, instead of primarily serving as a background for architecture—an equally significant if not a non-dominant element that shapes urban public space. The publication refers to a number of examples of contemporary built projects of such spaces in European metropolises., Peer Reviewed

Towards de Cracow metropolis: a dream or a reality. Selected issues.

  • Gyurkovich, Mateusz
  • Sotoca García, Adolfo
Cracow, the former capital of Poland and currently the second-largest Polish city, dreams of becoming the most important metropolis – not only of the Lesser Poland region, but also of the entire southern and south-eastern part of Poland. This paper, based on long-term research and field studies, also refers, in part, to the “Model of the Spatial Structure of Cracow” research programme, which was conducted at the Institute of Urban Design of the CUT under the guidance of M. Gyurkovich with collaboration with A. Sotoca, between October 2016 and July 2017. This is the background against which the selected issues of spatial transformations that took place within the city limits and that influence the urban morphology of Cracow, will be presented against. The type of spatial structure that can currently be observed in Cracow, does not bring to mind an association with the urban form of a European Metropolis. Can the contemporary attempts to create a polycentric urban organism- that can compete with other, well-organised ones, internationally, ever be successful? Will the dream of the Cracow Metropolis ever come true?, Peer Reviewed

Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity prevention with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor ramipril in women with low-risk breast cancer: results of a prospective randomized study

  • Slowik, A
  • Jagielski, P
  • Potocki, P
  • Streb, J
  • Ochenduszko, S
  • Wysocki, P
  • Gajos, G
  • Konduracka, E
BACKGROUND Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity (AIC) remains the main long-term irreversible side effect in malignancy survivors. Cardiotoxicity prevention is one of the most reasonable approaches. AIMS In this prospective randomized open-label study, we aimed to verify whether ramipril protects from early-onset AIC in women with breast cancer (BC). METHODS We analyzed data from 96 women (median age, 47 years) with BC after breast surgery, without significant cardiovascular diseases, who were eligible for adjuvant anthracyclines. They were randomized to a ramipril or control arm. Cardiotoxicity was estimated with repeat echocardiography and the measurement of troponin I and N-terminal fragment of the prohormone brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) levels over 1-year follow-up. Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity was defined as a decrease in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), elevated biomarker levels, and/or occurrence of heart failure (HF) or cardiac death. RESULTS A decrease in LVEF above 10-percent points occurred in 6.3% of ramipril patients and 18.5% of controls (P = 0.15). No cases of HF, cardiac death, or LVEF decline below 50% were reported. The percentage of patients with elevated NT-proBNP levels increased with time in controls (P = 0.003) and remained unchanged in the ramipril arm. At the end of follow-up, an increase in NT-proBNP levels was more common and decline was less common in the control than ramipril arm (P = 0.01). No significant differences in troponin levels were found between the study arms. Ramipril was well tolerated in normotensive women. CONCLUSIONS In relatively young women with BC without serious comorbidities, who received anthracyclines, 1-year treatment with ramipril exerts potentially protective effects on cardiotoxicity assessed with NT-proBNP levels.

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