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Optimization of pipe diameters in looped pipeline network after the modified loop method

  • Tanasković, Toma
  • Brkić, Dejan
After the calculation of flows in a looped pipeline distribution network is done, very often velocity of fluid in some of the pipeline branches are undersized while in other are oversized. Hence, it is necessary to perform optimization of the pipes’ diameter to fit in range of suggested values. Suggested velocities for water flow in waterworks systems are 0.75-1.5 m/s, while in the case of natural gas flow in gas-pipelines this velocity limit is increased up to20 m/s. Problem of velocity in a gas pipeline is more complex in comparison to water velocity. This issue is caused by compressibility of gas. In this paper is shown procedure of diameters’ optimization after the modified Hardy Cross method. Difference in comparison to classical problem in which flow distribution is unknown is that on the contrary, in optimization problem flows are now constants while the diameters are treated as variables.

Zaintzaren alde goxoa, zentzua eta alde positiboaren bilaketa menpekotasuna duen adinekoaren zainketan.

  • López Martínez, Javier.
  • Lizaso Elgarreta, I.
  • Sánchez de Miguel, M.
En: Zerbitzuan : revista de servicios sociales. ISSN 1134-7147. n.42 (2007), p. 93-101

Verification of conditional area model of gas heating in setlements

  • Brkić, Dejan
In this paper is shown short particular review of the book by the same author “Natural Gas as Heating Fuel”. First criterions for decision of appending on distribution gas network or district heating system for particular part of town are determinate on conditional urban area base. These conclusions are verified on specific settlement in Belgrade and in this paper are shown results on Karaburma settlement.

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