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Culturele apartheid in leergangen Nederlands als vreemde taal

  • Raemdonck, Anne Van
This article looks at the way culture is represented in 3 commonly used course books of Dutch as a foreign language. According to the author, everyday culture of the regions where Dutch is spoken, is presented from a nationalistic point of view, i.e. it is limited to either cultural, historical and social aspects of The Netherlands or cultural, historical and social aspects of the Flemish Community in Belgium. The existence of the other region or country where the same language is spoken is not only ignored but at times even portrayed wrongfully which has its logically negative effect upon the students" interpretation and can lead to prejudice and the teachers using those course books.

De Bello maioricano. Libri Octo

  • Juan Castelló, Jaume
Esmenes al text i anotacions crítiques del llibre: LORENZO VERONÉS, La Guerra de Mallorca en ocho libros. Cronología, introducción, edición crítica, traducción e índice de Jaume Juan Castelló. Barcelona, Bosch 1996, 423 p.

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