Using a secure element to protect the users' profiles generated by web search engines

Description: Web search engines (WSEs) are valuable tools that are widely used to find specific information in the World Wide Web. Recently, they have increased search result relevance by personalizing them according to the users' interests. Nevertheless, WSEs also pose an important privacy threat, as they profi...
Language(s): Old English
Subject(s): web search , privacy , secure element , cerca web , privacitat , element segur , búsqueda web , privacidad , elemento seguro , Computer security -- TFM , Seguretat informàtica -- TFM , Seguridad informática -- TFM
Publisher(s): Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Contributor(s): Universitat Oberta de Catalunya , Castellà Roca, Jordi , Viejo Galicia, Luis Alexandre
Publication Date(s): 2013-06-17T11:18:37Z
Type(s): Tesina. Trabajo final de máster o postgrado (masterThesis)
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