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The Protein Kinase CK2 Mediates Cross-Talk between Auxin- and Salicylic Acid-Signaling Pathways in the Regulation of PINOID Transcription.

Descripción: The protein kinase CK2 is a ubiquitous and highly conserved enzyme, the activity of which is vital for eukaryotic cells. We recently demonstrated that CK2 modulates salicylic acid (SA) homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana, and that functional interplay between CK2 and SA sustains transcriptional expr...
Idioma(s): Old English

PYCNOIB : Biodiversity and Biogeography of Iberian Pycnogonids

Creador(s): Soler Membrives, Anna
Descripción: Biodiversity and biogeographic studies comparing the distribution patterns of benthic marine organisms across the Iberian Atlantic and Mediterranean waters are scarce. The Pycnogonida (sea spiders) are a clear example of both endemicity and diversity, and are considered a key taxon to study and moni...
Idioma(s): Old English

Hybrid Message Pessimistic Logging. Improving current pessimistic message logging protocols

Creador(s): Meyer, Hugo Daniel
Descripción: With the growing scale of HPC applications, there has been an increase in the number of interruptions as a consequence of hardware failures. The remarkable decrease of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) in current systems encourages the research of suitable fault tolerance solutions. Message logging ...
Idioma(s): Old English

RiBaSE : a pilot for testing the OGC web services integration of water-related information and models

Creador(s): Pesquer Mayos, Lluís
Descripción: The design of an interoperability experiment to demonstrate how current ICT-based tools and water data can work in combination with geospatial web services is presented. This solution is being tested in three transboundary river basins: Scheldt, Maritsa and Severn. The purpose of this experiment is ...
Idioma(s): Old English

Characterization of Zinc and Cadmium hyperaccumulation in three Noccaea populations from non-metalliferous sites in the eastern Pyrenees

Creador(s): Martos Arias, Soledad
Descripción: The Southern slope of the Pyrenees is the meridional limit for the distribution of several Noccaea populations. However, the systematic description of these populations and their hyperaccumulation mechanisms are not well established. Morphological and genetic analysis (ITS and 3 chloroplast regions)...
Idioma(s): Old English

A survey and comparison of anonymous communication systems : Anonymity and security

Descripción: En este documento se han estudiado varios sistemas y mecanismos de búsqueda anónimos. Cada sistema incluye una definición de su funcionamiento -con sus puntos fuertes y débiles- y un análisis de la seguridad del mismo donde se indica si son anónimos y/o seguros, así como si son capaces de mantener u...
Idioma(s): Old English

Using a secure element to protect the users' profiles generated by web search engines

Creador(s): Iturbe Urretxa, Mikel
Descripción: Web search engines (WSEs) are valuable tools that are widely used to find specific information in the World Wide Web. Recently, they have increased search result relevance by personalizing them according to the users' interests. Nevertheless, WSEs also pose an important privacy threat, as they profi...
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Analysis of security of cloud systems

Creador(s): Juan Ferrer, Ana M.
Descripción: This paper provides a extensive literature review of cloud security in general, and per cloud layer, as well as, a comparative analysis of security features provided by two of the most representative cloud providers: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. , Este documento ofrece una extensa revisión ...
Idioma(s): Old English

Spacial debris collector robot : An AI-based and autonomous debris collector satellite simulation

Descripción: In this paper the core functions of an artificial intelligence (AI) for controlling a debris collector robot are designed and implemented. Using the robot operating system (ROS) as the base of this work a multi-agent system is built with abilities for task planning. , En este trabajo se han diseñado e ...
Idioma(s): Old English

Open source business strategies in the domain of embedded systems

Descripción: El tema de este estudio es el aumento de la comprensión teórica y empírica de la estrategia de negocio de código abierto en el dominio de sistemas embebidos por investigar modelos de negocios de código abierto, retos, recursos y capacidades operativas y dinámicas. , El tema d'aquest estudi és l'augment...
Idioma(s): Old English

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