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Per una grammatica degli errori di studenti catalani in italiano come L2

Author(s): Gavagnin, Gabriella
Description: This paper catalogues the linguistic errors made by some Catalan students in spontaneous written productions in Italian and tries to elaborate an interpretative hipothesis about heir frequency and distribution, especially referring to the processes of transfer from L1.
Language(s): Italiano

Insegnare l'italiano per fini specifici : motivazione e apprendimento cooperativo

Author(s): Ferioli, Angela
Description: The purpose of this communication is to situate cooperative language learning and teaching in the sphere of foreign language education, specially of the Italian as second language to students of a Management School. The concepts of collaborative or cooperative learning have emerged in the last fifte...
Language(s): Italiano

L'insegnamento dell'italiano nella scuola materna ed elementare italiana «Maria Montessori» di Barcellona

Author(s): Lulli, Giuseppa
Description: This article outlines teaching activities carried out at the Italian School in Barcelona, for the teaching of Italian as a second language. The above experiences involved students whose first language is either Spanish or Catalan. The first part describes, in outline, how the teaching of a second la...
Language(s): Italiano

Recenti sviluppi nell'educazione letteraria

Author(s): Balboni, Paolo E.
Description: The first Minister of Education of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 was Francesco De Santís, the author of the first «History of Italian Literature»: he shaped the notion of literary education for the Italian school - a notion still in use after 140 years. According to his vision, teaching literature me...
Language(s): Italiano

Un gioco multimedia su argomenti di cultura e civiltà italiana

Description: The lack of suitable didactic material for the study of the Italian Culture and Civilization, as well as the interest that this knowledge has for the complete acquisition of the Italian language, which does not only imply the knowledge of linguistic and grammar resources, as the traditional language...
Language(s): Italiano

Un'esperienza didattica di espressione orale basata sul task approach

Author(s): Presotto, Marco
Description: This paper aims to present a language teaching/learning experience on the task-based approach, for Erasmus exchange students of Italian as FL. This experiment acts as a stimulus towards language learning by providing the means whereby foreign language students may cover their most immediate contextu...
Language(s): Italiano

L'analisi del code-switching : uno strumento pedagogico nell'insegnamento dell'italiano lingua straniera

Description: With this article it is my aim to determine to what extent discourse analysis (from a conversational point of view) is applied to language teaching research (from the point of view of the communicative approach). The sphere of application of discourse analysis is invoked by the omnipresence of verba...
Language(s): Italiano

Encontrado 2,562 documentos, página mostrada 3 de 257

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