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La congiunzione «e» come elemento introduttore nei titoli giornalistici

Author(s): Cincera, Fiammetta
Description: The purpose of this paper is to describe and in some ways to justify the very frequent use of the conjunction «e» at the beginning of italian newspaper headlines. Our observations are based on the analysis of four widely known contemporary Italian newspapers (using a corpus composed of 30 issues for...
Language(s): Italiano

L'insegnamento dell'italiano fra diacronia e sincronia : analisi di alcune strutture sintattiche tra lingua arcaica e parlato contemporaneo

Author(s): Buono, Benedict
Description: How to use the history of language when teaching Italian. This paper deals with the possibility of studying some constructions in old Italian, trying to identify them in modern spoken Italian. I try to discover if it would be possible to establish a real contact between diachronic studies and the sy...
Language(s): Italiano

Alcuni appunti sul condizionale in italiano

Author(s): Ardolino, Francesco
Description: The aim of this article is that of clarifying those issues of the analysis of the conditional structures in Italian which are more difficult to pin down. Once their «double nature» (temporal and modal) is established, attention is switched to the most conflicting aspects shown by the conditional str...
Language(s): Italiano

Il lessico di frequenza dell'italiano parlato e la didattica dell'italiano

Author(s): D'Agostino, Emilio
Description: The linguistic-historical evolution of the Italian community has been well described in its general lines and fundamental mechanisms. In the last decades the process of linguistic unification in Italy has been strengthened; which is confirmed by data on the diffusion of italophony and the regression...
Language(s): Italiano

L'uso del «di» e del «che» nei comparativi di diseguaglianza

Author(s): Bedogni, Ursula
Description: The great variety in the usage of the comparatives in Italian often causes problems to the Catalan- or Castilian-speaking student when faced with its practical application. In the first place, this article analyzes the structure of syntagmatic comparisons, to then move on to dealing with the tempora...
Language(s): Italiano

«Esserci»/«essere» e «haber»/«estar» : problemi contrastivi e proposte didattiche*

Description: Based on observations on history of the language, this paper systematizes the correspondences and divergences between the Italian and Spanish uses of the verbs «esserci» / «essere» and «haber» / «estar», illustrated through literary and non-literary texts and an appendix with proposals for learning ...
Language(s): Italiano

Riflessioni sul canone della letteratura italiana nella prospettiva dell'insegnamento all'estero

Author(s): Antonelli, R.
Description: The central issue of this dossier is the discussion upon the institutional crisis which characterizes Italian Literature, particulary in the XXth Century, and wich is accompanied by a fundamental obscurity in the italian literary language. The proposals to react against such a crisis are: 1. the opp...
Language(s): Italiano

Appunti per uno studio comparatistico sui sonetti-autoritratto dell'Alfieri, del Foscolo e del Manzoni

Author(s): Aronica, Daniela
Description: In the light of previous studies on the subject, this article examines comparatively the three self-portrait sonnets by Vittorio Alfieri, Ugo Foscolo and Alessandro Manzoni and try to focus each poet's original contribution, according to his own vision of life and poetry.
Language(s): Italiano

Le versioni pascoliane di Maria Antònia Salvà : Un approccio storico e un'indagine formale

Author(s): Gavagnin, Gabriella
Description: The Majorcan poetess Maria Antònia Salvà translated to catalan, during the first thirty of XX century, numerous poems from Giovanni Pascoli's works. Altough a large number of them remained unpublished, these poetic version were really important to the Hispanic fortune of Pascoli, because they consti...
Language(s): Italiano

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