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El Mediterráneo a través de la ficción: el extraño caso de Sir John Mandeville

Description: The Travels of Sir John Mandeville presents the ficticious construction of the Orient through a travels tale which is primarily shaped as a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Over and above the critical controversy about the existence of Sir John Mandeville, this book depicts in a very accurate way several ke...
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Justice Served or Justice Subverted? Two Muslim Women sue a local ‘Mudéjar’ Official in fourteenth-century Aragon ¿Justicia recta o Justicia subvertida? Dos mujeres musulmanas demandan a un oficial local mudéjar en el siglo XIV aragonés

Author(s): Catlos, Brian A.
Description: In 1300 two Muslim women sued a local aljama official in Daroca, claiming he had unlawfully evicted them from their houses, and physically mistreated them, all without due legal process. In the trial, after witnesses corroborated the womens’ claims, the defendant accused them of being unreliable. Th...
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Social practice, medical knowledge and literary reflections of the bathing culture in the medieval Catalan context Práctica social, saber médico y reflejo literario de la cultura del baño en el contexto catalán medieval

Description: Bathing, particularly thermal baths, which were therapeutic, but also cold baths, became an occasion for social gatherings in late-medieval Catalonia, especially among the elite. It had the sanction of the prestigious university medicine, but it was nevertheless an activity condemned by moralists, a...
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Vincent Ferrer and the Logic of the 14th Century Vicent Ferrer i la lògica del segle XIV

Description: While working as a lector logicae at the Dominicans’ studium sollemne in Lleida, Vincent Ferrer wrote two logical texts: De unitate universalis, probably a summary of conversations he had had with his students, and De supposi tionibus, a lengthy and rigorous discussion of a complex topic in philosop...
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L’entramès de Mestre Vicent: the Radiance of the Preacher’s Authority L’entramès de Mestre Vicent: resplandor de la autoridad del predicador

Description: This article deals with many aspects –some of them unpublished– referring to l’entramès de Mestre Vicent. Among the main aims of the study is, the detailed and documented virtual reconstruction of the carriage that, perhaps bearing the first representation of Vincent Ferrer, paraded in Valencia at t...
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Catechesis and Dramatisation: the Holy Spirit in Vincent Ferrer’s Pentecost Sermons Catechesi e drammatizzazione: Lo Spirito Santo nei sermoni di Pentecoste di Vicent Ferrer

Author(s): Delcorno, Pietro
Description: The article focuses on the communicative skills of Vincent Ferrer and on his ability to merge catechesis and narrative inventiveness. The analysis is conducted on six versions of the sermon Repleti sunt omnes Spiritu Sancto (notes, reportationes, and model sermons), which were preached by Ferrer in ...
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On the Visual Culture of Saint Vincent Ferrer’s Sermons and the Scenarios of His Preaching La cultura visual en los sermones de San Vicente Ferrer y en los escenarios de su predicación

Description: In this study the sermons of Saint Vincent Ferrer are analysed from the perspective of Art History: on the one hand, the scenarios where he preached and their spatial and iconographic adaptation; and, on the other hand, the sermons, tracing the allusions to architectural and artistic techniques and ...
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Models of Textual Transmission of Saint Vincent Ferrer’s Sermons: the Manuscript Tradition Modelos de transmisión textual de los sermones de San Vicente Ferrer: la tradición manuscrita

Description: The aim of the present article is to reconstruct the writing process of the sermons preached by Vincent Ferrer. In the manuscript textual tradition, one can identify: the collections of schemas and the collections that transcribe the sermons in extenso, which are the result of reworking the notes ta...
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Encontrado 906 documentos, página mostrada 1 de 91

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