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Presentación : Ética i política del paisaje

Description: ¿Per què el paisatge constitueix un assumpte de llibertat amb innombrables components ètics? ¿Qui ha de decidir sobre el paisatge comú? , ¿Por qué el paisaje constituye un asunto de libertad con innumerables componentes éticos? ¿Quién debe decidir sobre el paisaje común?
Language(s): Español

Darcy as a cultural icon : deconstructing desire

Description: 'Darcy as a cultural icon: deconstructing desire', analyzes the different factors that may influence on the desirability of the main male character of Jane Austen's most popular novel, 'Pride and Prejudice'. Taking into account the character does not portray a very pleasant attitude, particularly at...
Language(s): Inglés

The effects of using L1 Translation on young learners’ L2 Vocabulary Learning

Author(s): Codina Camó, Aïda
Description: The present study explores the role the L1 plays in young learners' retention of and access to English vocabulary. Two groups of 10-11 year-old children in an EFL school context were recruited for the study. Exposing one group to the L1 translation of the items and giving the English input to the ot...
Language(s): Inglés

An acoustic study of word-initial stops by Catalan/Spanish speakers

Description: ‘Pronunciation corresponds to one of the key elements that influence the mastery of a language’ (Alves & Magro 2011: 72). It plays an important role in L2 acquisition but it is always forgotten due to the fact that it requires time and expertise to be properly taught. The aim of this paper is to foc...
Language(s): Inglés

Catalan speakers' perceptual assimilation of English vowels : effects of L2 experience and phonetic context

Description: This research project investigated the role of L2 experience and phonetic context in Catalan speakers' perceptual assimilation of English vowels. A Perceptual Assimilation Task was performed by L2 learners and non-learners in which they had to assimilate the English vowels /i:, ɪ, ɛ, æ, ʊ, u:/ to a ...
Language(s): Inglés

The effects of written input on young EFL oral output in a Catalan context

Description: The present experimental study seeks to explore whether the incentive of written input (i.e. integrated language-based instruction) affects oral language development of young language learners of English in a minimal input situation in an EFL context. Research has established that input of an orthog...
Language(s): Inglés

Non-native perception of English tonicity : an experimental study involving Catalan learners of English

Author(s): Traoré Reig, Aixa
Description: This paper consists of an experimental study that examined the non-native perception and interpretation of English tonicity, and the potential influence of the first language in terms of prosodic transfer. In order to elicit data, three experimental tests were designed and auditory stimuli were crea...
Language(s): Inglés

The translation of the English passive construction into Catalan

Description: This paper studies the particular construction of the passive voice in English and how it is translated into Catalan. It provides a theoretical description of both form and function of the passive voice in the two languages based on existing literature on this topic. Then, a contrast between the two...
Language(s): Inglés

Encontrado 53,329 documentos, página mostrada 3 de 5333

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