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Flows on hypergraphs

Description: We consider the capacitated minimum cost flow problem on directed hypergraphs. We define spanning hypertrees so generalizing the spanning tree of a standard graph, and show that, like in the standard and in the generalized minimum cost flow problems, a correspondence exists between bases and spannin...
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How to compute least infeasible flows

Description: It is well-known how to use maximum flow to decide when a flow problem with demands, lower bounds, and upper bounds is infeasible. Less well-known is how to compute a flow that is least infeasible. This paper considers many possible ways to define "least infeasible" and shows how to compute optimal ...
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Converses empresaris, polítics, gestors

Description: Selecció de ponències presentades a les reunions del Grup Claris. , A partir de l'any 2009 la revista com a tal es deixa de publicar però es segueixen fent les conferències i es recullen al DDD de manera individualitzada. , Descripció del recurs: 29 gener 2004.
Language(s): Catalán

Minimum-perimeter domain assignment

Description: For certain classes of problems defined over two-dimensional domains with grid structure, optimization problems involving the assignment of grid cells to processors present a nonlinear network model for the problem of partitioning tasks among processors so as to minimize interprocessor communication...
Language(s): Inglés

A note on the existence of the Alizadeh-Haeberly-Overton direction for semidefinite programming

Description: This note establishes a new sufficient condition for the existence and uniqueness of the Alizadeh-Haeberly-Overton direction for semidefinite programming..
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Free material optimization via mathematical programming

Description: This paper deals with a central question of structural optimization which is formulated as the problem of finding the stiffest structure which can be made when both the distribution of material as well as the material itself can be freely varied. We consider a general multi-load formulation and incl...
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Efficiently solvable special cases of hard combinatorial optimization problems

Author(s): Burkard, Rainer E.
Description: We survey some recent advances in the field of polynomially solvable special cases of hard combinatorial optimization problems like the travelling salesman problem, quadratic assignment problems and Steiner tree problems. Such special cases can be found by considering special cost structures, the ge...
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Decomposition methods in stochastic programming

Description: Stochastic programming problems have very large dimension and characteristic structures which are tractable by decomposition. We review basic ideas of cutting plane methods, augmented Lagrangian and splitting methods, and stochastic decomposition methods for convex polyhedral multi-stage stochastic ...
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Error bounds in mathematical programming

Author(s): Pang, Jong-Shi
Description: Originated from the practical implementation and numerical considerations of iterative methods for solving mathematical programs, the study of error bounds has grown and proliferated in many interesting areas within mathematical programming. This paper gives a comprehensive, state-of-the-art survey ...
Language(s): Inglés

Cuts, matrix completions and graph rigidity

Author(s): Laurent, Monique
Description: This paper brings together several topics arising in distinct areas: polyhedral combinatorics, in particular, cut and metric polyhedra; matrix theory and semidefinite programming, in particular, completion problems for positive semidefinite matrices and Euclidean distance matrices; distance geometry...
Language(s): Inglés

Encontrado 200 documentos, página mostrada 3 de 20

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