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Interactions between nonlinear programming and modeling systems

Description: Modeling systems are very important for bringing mathematical programming software to non-expert users, but few nonlinear programming algorithms are today linked to a modeling system. The paper discussed the advantages of linking modeling systems with nonlinear programming. Traditional algorithms ca...
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Exploiting sparsity in primal-dual interior-point methods for semidefinite programming

Description: The Helmberg-Rendl-Vanderbei-Wolkowicz/Kojima-Shindoh-Hara/Monteiro and Nesterov-Todd search directions have been used in many primal-dual interior-point methods for semidefinite programs. This paper proposes an efficient method for computing the two directions when the semidefinite program to be so...
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Measure concentration in optimization

Author(s): Barvinok, Alexander
Description: We discuss some consequences of the measure concentration phenomenon for optimization and computational problems. Topics include average case analysis in optimization, efficient approximate counting, computation of mixed discriminants and permanents, and semidefinite relaxation in quadratic programm...
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Córrer la veu

Description: Descripció del recurs: 12 de novembre de 2003.
Language(s): Catalán

Logical analysis of numerical data

Description: "Logical analysis of data" (LAD) is a methodology developed since the late eighties, aimed at discovering hidden structural information in data sets. LAD was originally developed for analyzing binary data by using the theory of partially defined Boolean functions. An extension of LAD for the analysi...
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Semidefinite programming in combinatorial optimization

Author(s): Goemans, Michel X.
Description: We discuss the use of semidefinite programming for combinatorial optimization problems. The main topics covered include (i) the Lovász theta function and its applications to stable sets, perfect graphs, and coding theory, (ii) the automatic generation of strong valid inequalities, (iii) the maximum ...
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Discrete optimization in public rail transport

Description: Many problems arising in traffic planning can be modelled and solved using discrete optimization. We will focus on recent developments which were applied to large scale real world instances.Most railroad companies apply a hierarchically structured planning process. Starting with the definition of th...
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How to deal with the unbounded in optimization : Theory and algorithms

Author(s): Auslender, A.
Description: The aim of this survey is to show how the unbounded arises in optimization problems and how it leads to fundamental notions which are not only useful for proving theoretical results such as convergence of algorithms and the existence of optimal solutions, but also for constructing new methods..
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Recent progress in unconstrained nonlinear optimization without derivatives

Description: We present an introduction to a new class of derivative free methods for unconstrained optimization. We start by discussing the motivation for such methods and why they are in high demand by practitioners. We then review the past developments in this field, before introducing the features that chara...
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Interior-point methods : An old and new approach to nonlinear programming

Author(s): Nesterov, Yu.
Description: In this paper we discuss the main concepts of structural optimization, a field of nonlinear programming, which was formed by the intensive development of modern interior-point schemes..
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Encontrado 200 documentos, página mostrada 4 de 20

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