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A modified lift-and-project procedure

Author(s): Balas, Egon
Description: In recent years the lift-and-project approach has been used successfully within a branch-and-cut framework to solve large, difficult pure and mixed 0-1 programs that have resisted solution efforts by pure branch and bound codes. The approach uses a linear description in a higher dimensional space of...
Language(s): Inglés

Algorithms for railway crew management

Description: Crew management is concerned with building the work schedules of crews needed to cover a planned timetable. This is a well-known problem in Operations Research and has been historically associated with airlines and mass-transit companies. More recently, railway applications have also come on the sce...
Language(s): Inglés

Test sets for integer programs

Author(s): Scarf, Herbert E.
Description: In this paper I discuss various properties of the simplicial complex of maximal lattice free bodies associated with a matrix A. If the matrix satisfies some mild conditions, and is generic, the edges of the complex form the minimal test set for the family of integer programs obtained by selecting a ...
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Cluster analysis and mathematical programming

Description: Given a set of entities, Cluster Analysis aims at finding subsets, called clusters, which are homogeneous and/or well separated. As many types of clustering and criteria for homogeneity or separation are of interest, this is a vast field. A survey is given from a mathematical programming viewpoint. ...
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Documents d'anàlisi geogràfica

Description: DESCRIPCIÓ. La revista abasta temes molt diversos. Hi tenen cabuda estudis d'anàlisi i de planificació del territori, treballs sobre població i sobre activitats socials i econòmiques, sobre medi físic i recursos naturals, i aportacions sobre epistemologia i metodologia en geografia. Hi predominen el...
Language(s): Catalán

Two applications of the Divide&Conquer principle in the molecular sciences

Description: In this paper, two problems from the molecular sciences are addressed: the enumeration of fullerene-type isomers and the alignment of biosequences. We report on two algorithms dealing with these problems both of which are based on the well-known and widely used Divide&Conquer principle. In o...
Language(s): Inglés

Linear programming, the simplex algorithm and simple polytopes

Author(s): Kalai, Gil
Description: In the first part of the paper we survey some far-reaching applications of the basic facts of linear programming to the combinatorial theory of simple polytopes. In the second part we discuss some recent developments concerning the simplex algorithm. We describe subexponential randomized pivot rules...
Language(s): Inglés

Criss-cross methods : A fresh view on pivot algorithms

Description: Criss-cross methods are pivot algorithms that solve linear programming problems in one phase starting with any basic solution. The first finite criss-cross method was invented by Chang, Terlaky and Wang independently. Unlike the simplex method that follows a monotonic edge path on the feasible regio...
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On finding an envy-free Pareto-optimal division

Description: This paper describes an algorithm to find an ((alpha))envy-free Pareto-optimal division in the case of a finite number of homogeneous infinitely divisible goods and linear utility functions. It is used to find an allocation in the classical cake division problem that is almost Pareto-optimal and (al...
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Theoretical and numerical investigation of the D-gap function for box constrained variational inequalities

Description: The D-gap function, recently introduced by Peng and further studied by Yamashita et al., allows a smooth unconstrained minimization reformulation of the general variational inequality problem. This paper is concerned with the D-gap function for variational inequality problems over a box or, equivale...
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