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Políticas públicas, turismo rural y sostenibilidad : difícil equilibrio

Author(s): Cànoves, Gemma
Description: Las políticas de desarrollo rural en España han sido escasas y se han desarrollado en base a los programas Europeos LEADER y PRODER. El turismo rural ha sido uno de los grandes beneficiados y a través de él se ha ayudado al desarrollo local de los espacios rurales. El artículo plantea la conexión en...
Language(s): Español

On fixed points of automorphisms of non-orientable unbordered Klein surfaces

Author(s): Gromadzki, G.
Description: In 1973, Macbeath found a general formula for the number of points fixed by an arbitrary orientation preserving automorphism of a Riemann surface X. It was given in terms of a group G of conformal automorphisms of X and the ramification data of the covering X --> X/G, which corresponds to the so cal...
Language(s): Inglés

A characterization of Gromov hyperbolicity of surfaces with variable negative curvature

Author(s): Portilla, Ana
Description: In this paper we show that, in order to check Gromov hyperbolicity of any surface with curvature K≤ −k² < 0, we just need to verify the Rips condition on a very small class of triangles, namely, those contained in simple closed geodesics. This result is, in fact, a new characterization of Gromov hyp...
Language(s): Inglés

Cusp algebras

Author(s): Agler, Jim
Description: A cusp is the image of the unit disk under a proper holomorphic map into Cn that is one-to-one and whose derivative vanishes at exactly one point. It is simple if not all the second derivatives vanish. We characterize when two simple cusps are isomorphic, and show that they can all be realized in C²...
Language(s): Inglés

Faithful linear representations of bands

Author(s): Cedó, Ferran
Description: A band is a semigroup consisting of idempotents. It is proved that for any field K and any band S with finitely many components, the semigroup algebra K [S] can be embedded in upper triangular matrices over a commutative K-algebra. The proof of a theorem of Malcev [4, Theorem 10] on embeddability of...
Language(s): Inglés

Encontrado 53,329 documentos, página mostrada 5333 de 5333

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