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Optoelectrónica, fotónica y sensores

Description: Curso de introducción a la optoelectrónica. En los primeros capítulos se introducen los conceptos básicos sobre la transmisión de la luz. Seguidamente, los mecanismos físicos relacionados con dispositivos optoelectrónicos se describen en el capítulo cuatro. Los principales dispositivos optoelectróni...
Language(s): Inglés

Report 1 Consolider PV

Description: Report Projecte de Recerca Consolider Ingenio. PV , Thin films of GaAs(Ti), ranging from 90nm to 250 nm thick, were grown by sputtering on glass substrates.-Tof-SIMS measurements absorbance of reference samples and optical gap were evaluated.
Language(s): Inglés

Report F11 Consolider PV

Description: Report de Projecte de Recerca , Procedimiento para la obtención de películas de materiales semiconductores incorporando una banda intermedia
Language(s): Inglés

Optoelektronik, Photonik und Sensoren

Description: Dieser Kurs stellt eine Einführung in das Gebiet der Optoelektronik dar. In den Einleitungskapiteln werden die grundlegenden Begriffe vorgestellt, die die Lichttransmission betreffen. Die physikalischen Mechanismen, die einen Bezug zu den optoelektronischen Bauelementen besitzen, sind im vierten Kap...
Language(s): Alemán

Chapter II-1-C – Review of system design and sizing tools

Description: System modelling forms a key part of the photovoltaic (PV) system design. It can provide answers to a number of important issues such as the overall array size, orientation and the electrical configuration; it can also determine the size of various subsystems such as the battery and/or the inverter ...
Language(s): Inglés

Optoelektronika, fotonika a senzory

Description: Tento kurz uvádí studenta do problematiky optoelektroniky. V úvodních kapitolách jsou predstaveny základní pojmy týkající se prenosu optického zárení. Fyzikální mechanismy vztahující se k problematice optoelektronických soucástek jsou popsány ve ctvrté kapitole. Hlavní optoelektronické prvky jsou uv...
Language(s): Checo

Teaching Photovoltaics in a Master degree in Energy

Description: This work describes two elective courses on PV offe red in a Master's in Energy Engineering. This Master is an official Master's degree of the UPC, w ith a duration, according to the curriculum, of 2 academic years (120 ECTS). This International Maste r's degree is included in the educational projec...
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Estimating the impact of azimuth-angle variations on photovoltaic annual energy production

Description: The performance of a photovoltaic (PV) installation is affected by its tilt and azimuth angles, because these parameters change the amount of solar energy absorbed by the surface of the PV modules. Therefore, this paper demonstrates the impact of the azimuth angle on the energy production of PV inst...
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Fault detection and automatic supervision methodology for PV systems

Description: In this work, we show a new methodology for automatic supervision and fault detection of PV Systems, based mainly on the analysis of the power losses. This methodology includes parameter extraction techniques to calculate main PV system parameters from monitoring data [1-2], taking into account the ...
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Identifiying causes of power reduction in photovoltaic systems

Description: A procedure for the identification of main causes of power reduction in PV systems, based on the continuous check of the real measured losses and his comparison to simulation results obtained for the same parameter, is presented in this work.
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