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University training on entrepreneurship in communication and journalism business projects

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aceituno-Aceituno, Pedro, Casero-Ripollés, Andreu, Escudero-Garzás, José-Joaquín, Bousoño-Calzón, Carlos

The current scenario of crisis and change has prompted the idea of entrepreneurship as a way to develop new media business models that can be promoted by university training. In this study, we aim to assess the effects of such training. A qualitative study was conducted using in-depth interviews of Spanish journalism and communication entrepreneurs who have undergone university training in business creation and management. Our results show the positive effects of this training on…

«La vida es sueño» en televisión o de un auto sacramental sin sacramento

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
González, Horacio

This article analyses the Spanish television adaptation of Calderón’s sacramental play La vida es sueño by Alberto González Vergel (1965), focusing on changes such as the elimination of certain parts of the text, the addition of images to illustrate the scenes, or the alteration of verses. It also examines the scenography, the wardrobe and the scenic music and compares these to Calderón’s vision and to the staging of Federico Garc…

La influencia de «El príncipe constante» de Grotowski en la puesta en escena de Calderón en España

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Rufo, Sergio

The performance of The Constant Prince by Grotowski’s Teatr Laboratorium was a turning point for the history of Western theatre, but tradicionally its infl uence on the 20th century Spanish stage has been considered not really relevant, at least as far as it concerns the restauration of Calderón plays onstage. The aim of this paper is to report the reception of Calderón’s spiritual dramas in Spain. First of all we will remind the history of the…

El pensamiento vestido de loco. Escritura e inspiración en la obra de Calderón

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aichinger, Wolfram

In Calderón’s plays, the act of writing is often viewed as a battle between reason and passion, the result left on the paper therefore being unforeseeable. Calderón’s ideas about the creative process, the transformation of nocturnal visions into works of art, the power of dreams and visions which confront the dreamer with his double, take him into another sphere of time and can heal him from evil powers are of astounding modernity and can be found in…

«Verdaderos y fingidos papeles» en «farsas de noche». Los momentos más calderonianos de Calderón

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aichinger, Wolfram

Taking up ideas forwarded by Henry W. Sullivan or Karl Vossler, we propose a study of Calderón’s comedies focused on moments of highest dramatic intensity and an analysis of the ways in which the steady growth of energy leads up to these great scenes. Many of them share a set of features and could be related to the poet’s lifelong existential concerns and philosophical obsessions. Whereas the end of the second jornada frequently shows the main character(s) in a…

Secrets and Secrecy in Calderón's Comedies and in Spanish Golden Age Culture. Outline of a New Research Focus in Calderonian Studies

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aichinger, Wolfram, Kroll, Simon

The public enactment of secrecy is part of the Spanish Golden Age culture. This article presents a research project, which pursues three objectives: 
A study of secrecy as a core characteristic of Spanish Golden Age culture, on the basis of historiographical studies, sources and cultural theories of secrecy.
 A study of Calderonian comedies of secrecy in the context of Golden Age theatre.
 A case study of the comedy El secreto a voces, including a critical edition that also explores the…

Artivism: A new educative language for transformative social action

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aladro-Vico, Eva, Jivkova-Semova, Dimitrina, Bailey, Olga

This study describes the concepts, historical precedents, language and fundamental experiences of artivism. It shows the research activities from two main universities (Complutense de Madrid in Spain and Nottingham Trent in UK) as well as other cultural institutions (Élan Interculturel from France and Artemiszio from Hungary), which have explored the educational potential of artivism as a new way of achieving social engagement using innovation and artistic creation. The paper defines…

Bacterial sensitivity in patients with urinary infections Barquisimeto, Lara. January - june 2017

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Altuve, Pablo

Urinary infections frequently presents recurrences, justifying repeated treatments that can lead to bacterial resistance, which has become a public health problem. The objective of this work is to determine the sensitivity patterns of bacterial strains isolated from patients with mild urinary tract infection in Barquisimeto, Lara state in the period January - July 2017. This is a quantitative, descriptive and transversal research. The universe consisted of 715 patients with suspected urinary…

Hermanos y hermanas en contienda en las comedias cómicas de Calderón (con una mirada hacia Lope)

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Antonucci, Fausta

Four of Calderón’s capa y espada comedies, namely La dama duende, Con quien vengo, vengo, No hay burlas con el amor, El agua mansa, play with the dramatic themes of fraternal rivalry and divergences in personality and behaviour between sisters and/or brothers. From 1629 (when La dama duende was first performed) to 1642-1644 (supposed date of El agua mansa), the way these themes are handled by Calderón changes. Along with an analysis of these changes, we compare…

Prosumers and emirecs: Analysis of two confronted theories

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aparici, Roberto, García-Marín, David

In the 1970s, the publications of Alvin Toffler and Jean Cloutier were essential for the emergence of two concepts, prosumer, and emirec, whose meanings have been mistakenly equated by numerous scholars and researchers. At the same time, the mercantilist theories linked to prosumption have made invisible the models of communication designed by Cloutier. In this article, configured as a review of the state of the art made from an exhaustive documentary analysis, we observe that, while the notion…

YouTubers' social functions and their influence on pre-adolescence

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Aran-Ramspott, Sue, Fedele, Maddalena, Tarragó, Anna

This study focuses on the relationship between preadolescents and youtubers, with the objective of observing how tweens integrate youtubers as referents of a teen digital culture. From a socio-psychological and communicological perspective, a mixed methodological design was applied to carry out the audience study, which was divided into two parts: a quantitative analysis of the audience via a survey administered to 1,406 eleven-twelve year old students of Catalan Secondary Schools, and a…

Tetrasyllabic variations in the Golden Age

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Arellano, Ignacio

This article shows the abundance of tetrameter verses, —denied by Pablo Jauralde—, in the poetry of the Golden Age, in special in some genres like traditional poetry, or drama.

La edición académica española: indicadores y características

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Arguimbau, Llorenç

¿Cuál es el panorama de las editoriales académicas españolas? ¿Cuál es el reconocimiento de los libros científicos en el sistema de evaluación? Desde 2008, el Grupo de Investigación sobre el Libro Académico (ILIA) del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) ha impulsado una línea de investigación para responder a estas cuestiones. Adem…

Change of effective properties of concrete by alkali-silica reaction

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Augusto Pianezzer, Guilherme, Gramani, Liliana, Kaviski, Eloy

The present work develops a model of computer simulation of the actual properties of concrete under the action of alkali-silica reaction. Obtains a computational representation from the analysis of the chemical reaction and homogenenization techniques. Alkali-Silica reaction forms a gel that changes the effective properties of concrete and can lead to damage to structures, especially of hydroelectric dams. The model consists of three phases, generation of representative element of concrete, gel…

Possible Worlds within Calderón de la Barca and Robert Lepage

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Ávila, Andrea

The present work analyzes the concept of possible worlds within Possible Worlds, a film by the Canadian director Robert Lepage, and El gran teatro del mundo by Calderón de la Barca. Both works deal with a humanity that lives under the rules of an external order, but that is able to use the free will. On one hand, Lepage plays with the mathematical theory of possible worlds which intends to prove the existence of a single person in parallel universes. On the other hand, Calder&…

The Disguise of Madness and the Subversion of Order in La Cisma de Ingalaterra

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Barone, Lavinia

This essay intends analyzing the disguise of madness in Calderón’s La Cisma de Ingalaterra, not only as a concrete element of the performance that contributes to Pasquin’s connotation, but also as a dramatic metaphor that is used by Calderón in order to bring on stage the subversion of order and the unmasking of fiction and hypocrisy. concept, whose dramatic construction can be established from symbolic functions of costume. Second, it analyses Pasquin…

Malaria in indigenous of Lower Caura. Sucre and Cedeño municipalities, Bolívar State, Venezuela

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Barrada, Yudelsi, Castillo, Pedresmar, Orozco, Mariela, Rojas, Glenda, Mejía, Raquel, Ybarra, Luis, Rondón, Rafael

Malaria is a hemoparasitosis caused by intracellular protozoa belonging to the genus Plasmodium and transmitted by the bite of femalemosquitoes of the genus Anopheles . A descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out in the indigenous communities of Bajo Caura,Sucre and Cedeño municipalities, Bolívar state, Venezuela, during the 2015-2016 period. The sample consisted of 244 inhabitants ofthe communities under study. An epidemiological survey was applied to each…

Evolución de la violencia en el cine: «Rebelión en las aulas»

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Moreno, Julio

El presente artículo quiere poner de relieve cómo ha evolucionado la violencia juvenil de forma paralela, seguramente, a la evolución social. En los momentos actuales, es decir, en la década de los 90, la violencia juvenil ha llegado a ser un tema de preocupación general. Se ocupa de ella, como siempre, la educación y la familia, pero ya ha desbordado los límites normales de los entornos donde crece y se forma la…

Parental mediation of the Internet use of Primary students: beliefs, strategies and difficulties

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Bartau-Rojas, Isabel, Aierbe-Barandiaran, Ana, Oregui-González, Eider

The use of the Internet by children at an increasingly early age today constitutes a major challenge for families and schools, as well as affecting educational and social policy. This is a qualitative piece of research that analyzes parents’ beliefs, everyday practices and the difficulties they face in teaching their children the benefits and risks inherent in Internet use. The researchers used the discussion group technique, with four groups of parents of primary school children from…

Observaciones sobre el género dramático: el cierre y la apertura de «La devoción de la cruz»

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Benabu, Isaac

The present article considers aspects of the dramatic genre, illustrating the arguments adduced with reference to La devoción de la cruz. It focuses on aspects of theatrical writing which the dramatist codifi es in the play text, that is, Calderón’s stagecraft in fashioning the plot with performance in mind. The article consists of two parts: the first discusses some theatrical techniques that help to distinguish between tragedy and comedy, such as the development…

Connected learning ecologies as an emerging opportunity through Cosplay

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Bender, Sophia, Peppler, Kylie

Connected learning explains how people can build learning pathways that connect their interests, relationships, and formal learning to lead toward future opportunities such as careers. However, most learning systems are not set up ideally for connected learning; for instance, most schools still teach disciplines as discrete units that do not connect to students’ interests outside of school. We do not yet know enough about the structure of naturally occurring connected learning…

Un nou paradigma de formació professional i professionalitzadora

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Cossío, J., Puig, Eulàlia

Des del punt de vista de l'acompliment professional, vivim inequívocament en la societat de l'aprenentatge. Les previsions publicades per la UE en la seva Estratègia 2020 indiquen que el 40% de les noves ocupacions tindran en el futur una gran exigència de coneixement específic i d'autonomia professional i que la majoria dels oficis existents en l'actualitat hauran d'adaptar-se a transformacions que requeriran…

El taller de escritura de Calderón: el manuscrito RES-79 de la BNE

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Rojo, María

The aim of this paper is to analyse the features of calderonian writing in a partially autograph manuscript. The manuscript Res-79, by which the second version of El mayor monstruo del mundo is preserved, allows observing two fundamental aspects in this dramatic creation pro-cess at the same time: on the one hand, the importance of the scenic determinants, because the two first acts have the typical features of a company manuscript; on the other hand, the third act, autograph, is a perfect…

Communication research in Spain: Weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Caffarel-Serra, Carmen, Ortega, Félix, Gaitán, Juan-Antonio

This article presents the methodological strategies, results and a critical analysis of the national research project MapCom “The Research Sphere on Communication Studies Social Practices, Map of Projects, Groups, research objects and methods”. We present the results obtained within the first two phases of the research project. The complete sample of objects for analysis was selected within this time span, all doctoral research and research projects were included. We…

Meta-synthesis of Literacy for the Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Camilli-Trujillo, Celia, Römer-Pieretti, Max

The vulnerability translates in concrete human groups that, although they know what occurs around them in a digital matter, by his own social and cultural condition they are alienated and, in this sense, away of the exercise of the information right. The aim has been to analyze the critical, media and digital literacy for the empowerment of vulnerable groups. The systematic review of the literature (meta-synthesis) covers the period between the years 1996-2016 and launched 202 documents, of…

College Students in Lima: Politics, Media and Participation

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Cano-Correa, Ana-María, Quiroz-Velasco, María-Teresa, Nájar-Ortega, Rosario

In Peru, young college students have leading roles in social protest mobilizations even when they seldom belong to political organizations. This study aims to analyze the perception of current politics and its institu-tions among young college students, and to inquire into their interest on relevant events at their surround-ings and into the importance gained by the media and the social networks concerning their information. The purpose of this project is also to examine the role assigned by…

«Amado y aborrecido»: la edición de Juan de Vera Tassis y su modus operandi

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Lago, María

The most recent textual studies of Calderon’s plays indicate that Juan de Vera Tassis, the early editor of the partes, had access to authorised witnesses, now missing, that explain the substantial changes present in his editions. The case of Amado y aborrecido reveals that his modus operandi has to undoubtedly have been as follows: he made use of, at least, two basic texts: the Quinta parte and a superior unknown witness with Calderon’s genuine readings. Vera’s…

Artivism and NGO: Relationship between image and 'engagement' in Instagram

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Carrasco-Polaino, Rafael, Villar-Cirujano, Ernesto, Martín-Cárdaba, Miguel

Due to the increasing importance of acquiring technological tools in communication strategies, and while taking into account that non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) use Instagram as a potential artivist tool to disseminate their initiatives and needs, the present article aims to investigate the form and content of photographs published in the social website Instagram during 2017 by the 20 most relevant NGOs at the international level. Specifically, we study the choice of formal elements, such…

Communicating science: The profile of science journalists in Spain

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Cassany, Roger, Cortiñas, Sergi, Elduque, Albert

Science journalists are mainly responsible for publicly communicating science, which, in turn, is a major indicator of the social development of democratic societies. The transmission of quality scientific information that is rigorously researched and understandable is therefore crucial, and demand for this kind of information from both governments and citizens is growing. We analyzed the academic profiles of a representative sample of practicing science journalists in Spain to clarify what…

Distributed digital contexts and learning: Personal empowerment and social transformation in marginalized populations

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Chib, Arul, Bentley, Caitlin, Wardoyo, Reidinar-Juliane

The role of digital media and learning has often been synonymous with the use of open education resources in formal institutional settings. Further, open and distance learning has been criticized for focusing narrowly on educational objectives, ignoring socio-political issues of access and participation by marginalized populations. This study examines the lived experiences of female migrant domestic workers (N=20) in Singapore attending Open University. Mobile and social media supplement open…

Youth impact on the public sphere in Press and Twitter: The dissolution of the Spanish Youth Council

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Clua, Anna, Ferran-Ferrer, Núria, Terren, Ludovic

This paper aims to contribute to the study of the difficulties that young people face in accessing the public sphere as political actors. It looks at the Press coverage and the Twitter activity surrounding the restructuring process and the subsequent dissolution of the Spanish Youth Council (Consejo de la Juventud de España - CJE). A content analysis was carried out on the news published in 22 newspapers between 2012 and 2014, as well as on the use of Twitter within the framework of…

Health Informatics: Three key themes and the academic-professional context

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Cobarsí-Morales, Josep

In this article we discuss a conceptual approach to Health Informatics. We then review the status, trends, and main challenges in relation to three themes in the development of this field: patient empowerment, equity in health, and data science application to health. We conclude with a brief review of the academic context and professional associations, both in Spain and at the international level.

Funciones externas en las comedias de enredo calderonianas

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Coenen, Erik

This paper offers an, inevitably incomplete, inventory of the techniques employed by Calderón in order to harmonise external and internal textual functions in his comedias de enredo. At the same time, it aims to offer a sketch of a method for detailed analysis of theatre texts in general, which will be shown to be especially adequate for studying comedias de enredo. 

Knowledge of health professionals on interpersonal conflicts and labor harassment

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Colmenárez, Irymairy, Quero, Nayda

Interpersonal relationships are fundamental for the development of society, however, disagreements, needs and particularinterests are the perfect breeding ground to generate conflicts, the problem lies in the course that these conflicts can take.Daza, Pérez and López, (1998) affirm that, workplace harassment does not occur exclusively for causes directly related to theperformance of work or its organization, but rather it has its origin in the interpersonal relationships…

Del razonamiento argumental a la retórica de las imágenes

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
García, Ramón

El autor describe el cambio que se ha producido en la estructura de los mensajes de la publicidad gráfica durante el siglo XX. De unos textos caracterizados por la profusión del lenguaje escrito y en donde la imagen era una mera ilustración, se ha pasado a mensajes publicitarios donde la imagen ocupa una función esencial, un valor de comunicación que ha sustituido el razonamiento argumental por una retórica visual fundamentada b…

El Divino Narciso: A Contrafacta of Eco y Narciso?

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Koloffon, Adriana

Literary works recreated in a religious sense from a profane work are known as «contrafactae». They were developed between the 13th and 16th and even during the 17th century. A contrafactae- writer chooses a profane theme and develops it extensively in order to show an idea related to the Christian tradition. In its most concentrated way of expression, the divinization of profane themes carries out the literary resource of allegory. During the 16th century, many moralized…

The Cognitive Processing of an Educational App with EEG and 'Eye Tracking'

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Cuesta-Cambra, Ubaldo, Niño-González, José-Ignacio, Rodríguez-Terceño, José

The use of apps in education is becoming more frequent. However, the mechanisms of attention and processing of their contents and their consequences in learning have not been sufficiently studied. The objective of this work is to analyze how information is processed and learned and how visual attention takes place. It also investigates the existence of gender differences. The responses to 15 images are analyzed using 'Eye Tracking' and EEG in a sample of 22 young students. The…

The Viceroyalty of Naples in Cervantes’ Novelas ejemplares

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Armas, Frederick

In many of his literary works Cervantes exhibits a desire for Italy, which can be encountered in his dedications and his many references to the art, literature and culture of the peninsula. Cervantes recalls in particular his lengthy stay in Naples, capital of the most important Spanish viceroyalties of the time. This essay studies Cervantes’ desire for Italy through the lenses of the Novelas ejemplares. Here, this impetus seems somewhat ambiguous in that the dedicatory to the Count…

Spies and security: Assessing the impact of animated videos on intelligence services in school children

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Díaz-Fernández, Antonio, del-Real-Castrillo, Cristina

Making the work of security organizations known to school children is a means of mitigating feelings of insecurity provoked by the diffusion of information on terrorist attacks in communications media and through social media. Whilst there is a longer tradition of projects to educate school children on the police and the armed forces, no comparable projects have been found on the intelligence services. With the objective of filling this gap, the authors designed and produced two animated…

Ubiquitous learning ecologies for a critical cybercitizenship

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Díez-Gutiérrez, Enrique, Díaz-Nafría, José-María

The aim of this research is to identify and analyse the ubiquitous learning acquired though blending education settings devoted to the 'lifelong training of trainers' and how these contribute to the development of a conscious, critic and engaged citizenship. Through active exploration of the learning process, the study analyses the 'soft skills” acquired which enhance performance in work and daily life, with the purpose of detecting the process of ubiquitous…

La reinvención de «La dama duende»: de comedia española a película argentina de exiliados

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Domènech, Conxita

This essay examines a classical work of Spain’s Baroque theater, La dama duende (1629) by the dramatist Pedro Calderón de la Barca, and a classical movie of Argentinean cinema, La dama duende (1944) by the director Luis Saslavsky. The play, belonging to the genre of cloak and sword drama, becomes a film painted with the most well-known tapestry cartoons by Francisco de Goya. Likewise, the writers María Teresa León and Rafael Alberti transform this play…

Escenografía para «La hidalga del valle» de Calderón de la Barca: un auto a la sazón

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Matito, Francisco

Calderón de la Barca’s La hidalga del valle is an auto sacramental, or allegorical religious play, written in defense of the mystery of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. The playwright made two versions of the play, one to be performed in carts (carros) during the Corpus party and another for the stage. The latter, which took place in Granada in 1640, is the fi rst attested performance, within the immaculist celebrations on account of an infamous libel against…

Cardiovascular risk factors in adolescents

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Balza, Amanda, Canache, Beatriz, Hernández, Rafael, Camacho, Carlos, Camacho, Juan

Exposure to cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) during childhood and adolescence may be associated with the development of atherosclerosis in adult life. The objective of the present investigation was to evaluate the cardiovascular risk factors in adolescents, belonging to two diversified education institutions of the Iribarren Municipality, Barquisimeto, Lara State. It was a prospective, descriptive investigation, through which clinical and paraclinical parameters were determined to evaluate…

Valores democráticos y publicidad

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Entrelínies, Colectivo

La inserción en la prensa diaria, en la radio y en la televisión de anuncios publicitarios en más de una ocasión lesionan derechos fundamentales o se centran en valores anticonstitucionales. Como ciudadanos preocupados por el desarrollo integral de las personas, hemos de denunciar tales hechos. El presente artículo es el informe de prensa difundido por este colectivo valenciano en torno a un mensaje publicitario divulgado en los medios de…

Estereotipos en el cómic

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Igado, Manuel, Gracia, María

Los autores de este trabajo recurren al medio del cómic para mostrar ejemplos de estereotipos profesionales, familiares, sociales y nacionales, con el objeto de poner al descubierto cómo en este lenguaje se transmiten también clichés que si bien son tomados del mundo de la calle, aquí son reforzados y van progresivamente interiorizándose. La historieta cómica es, por ello, también, como la televisi&…

eGamers’ influence in brand advertising strategies. A comparative study between Spain and Korea

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Fanjul-Peyró, Carlos, González-Oñate, Cristina, Peña-Hernández, Pedro-Jesús

The eGames business (online video games) in Spain generated more than 1.8 trillion euros in profits in 2016. Advertising is no stranger to the potential of this market, and brands study the best ways of approaching and adapting to the world of eGames. In this report, we analyze which the most effective advertising strategies for brands in the online video game world are. To do this, the players (eGamers) answered a 60 question survey that addressed issues such as playful habits, the viewing of…

Digital natives: Online audiovisual content consumption, creation and dissemination

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Fernández-de-Arroyabe-Olaortua, Ainhoa, Lazkano-Arrillaga, Iñaki, Eguskiza-Sesumaga, Leyre

Teenagers inhabit a virtual universe with their own model of entertainment, learning and communication. This research work defines the consumption, creation and diffusion patterns of online audiovisual contents young students of Guipúzcoa have acquired in the fields of leisure and complementary information resources for school use, attending to three different variables: gender, grade (age) and type of educational institution (public or private). The research methodology focuses on a…

La doble mirada sobre Andalucía

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Trevijano, Juan

Si bien «lo andaluz», allende de nuestras fronteras, define superficialmente el carácter de «lo español», en cambio, en nuestro país, el auténtico proceso de formación cultural de Andalucía y las marcas definitorias de este pueblo siguen siendo una incógnita por descubrir. Bien es verdad que los medios de comunicación han hecho hasta ahora flaco favor por descubrir y…

Generation Z's Teachers and their Digital Skills

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Cruz, Francisco, Díaz, María

The presence of technological resources in schools and the high performance of socalled «Technology Generation» or «Generation Z» students are not enough to develop students' digital competence. The primary key is determined by the technological and pedagogical skills of teachers. In this paper, we intend to analyze the level of ICT skills of teachers in primary and secondary establishing a competency framework adapted to the Spanish educational…

Calderón y la ‘mente cómica’ de su tiempo: el ejemplo de «El astrólogo fingido»

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Folger, Robert

The example of El astrólogo fingido by Calderón de la Barca shows that Anthony Close’s reconstruction of the collective comic mentality of the age of Cervantes is an appropriate frame for understanding the workings of humor in contemporary theater. French philosopher Henri Bergson’s theory of laughter sheds light on other aspects of humor in the theatre. Particularly in the metatheatrical elements of El astrólogo fingido we see that Bergson…

Beasts, Harpies and Medeas: Tudor Representations in Lope and Calderón

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Forteza, Deborah

Sourced in Pedro de Ribadeneira’s Historia eclesiástica del scisma del reyno de Inglaterra (1588, 1593), Lope de Vega’s comedy, El amor desatinado, and Calderón de la Barca’s tragedy, La cisma de Ingalaterra, attenuate the monstrous portrayal of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn that distinguishes their source text. These changes can be attributed primarily to aesthetic choices and generic necessities, fi rst, because Lope echoes Ribadeneira&…

The convergence of the traditional sociomedical and the contemporary biomedical paradigms: is it possible?

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Franco, Remigia

This essay lays out some thoughts regarding the social healing practices that coexist with scientific Medicine in Venezuela, pursuant towhat has been expressed by expert doctors, young specialist doctors and users of the healthcare services in the Socialist Venezuela of the21 st century. The interest of such research focused on interpreting with a critical spirit the meanings of the medical discourse regarding thecharacteristics of scientific and pre-scientific medicine, as well as the users…

IRC 2.0. Social media for information, relationship, and communication in the web 2.0 era

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Fumero-Reverón, Antonio

The rapid pace at which trends, news, tools, technologies, devices, services, etc. come and go in our information society requires of every citizen a certain capacity to internalize the perceived complexity behind the metaphors we are used to hearing from IT professionals, as well as to assess the impact of these changes on everyday life. The article briefly introduces and develops a simplified model that helps in presenting three key phenomena that are relevant enough for understanding the…

Use of Twitter and Facebook by Iberoamerican media

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
García-de-Torres, Elvira, Yezers'Ka, Lyudmyla, Rost, Alejandro, Calderín, Mabel, Edo, Concha, Rojano, Miladys, Said, Elías, Jerónimo, Pedro, Arcila, Carlos, Serrano, Ana, Badillo, Jorge, Corredoira, Loreto

The aim of the present study is to examine the use of social media by 27 news outlets from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela. To determine how these news media receive and disseminate information as well as interact with their audience, the research method combines analysis of Twitter and Facebook  profiles and semi-structured interviews.

Del gran teatro de España: Calderón, la historia del teatro y la utopía nacionalista en 1940

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Ruiz, Víctor

This paper consists in an edition and study of an unpublished essay by theatre director Felipe Lluch, in which he argues for an ultranationalistic view of the Spanish Theatre from xvith to XXth Century. Calderón, and especially his autos sacramentales, play a key role in this thoroughly fascist attempt to explain fi ve centuries of Theatre in Spain. 

Multiple intelligences and video games: Assessment and intervention with TOI software

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Garmen, Pablo, Rodríguez, Celestino, García-Redondo, Patricia, San-Pedro-Veledo, Juan-Carlos

Howard Gardner revolutionized the concept of intelligence with his Multiple Intelligences Theory. His vision was widely supported by the educational community, which considers different forms of learning and accessing knowledge. Despite its impact, there is still a lack of development of tools that can easily, practically and reliably evaluate multiple intelligences. This work describes the design, development, and piloting of TOI (Tree of Intelligences) software, a digital tool to evaluate…

A necessary refletión

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Gásperi, Rafael

Tomando como punto de partida reflexiones de editoriales anteriores, nos referiremos al paradigma de lacomplejidad para tratar de explicar problemas sociales y salud enfermedad de la población en la población infantilpor su vulnerabilidad, magnitud y complejidad para entenderlo. Este paradigma propone articular lasinterdependencias de los saberes disciplinarios o especializados, y concibe una organización o complejidad sistémicaentre el todo y las…

University Students and Informational Social Networks: Total Sceptics, Dual Moderates or Pro-Digitals

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Gavilan, Diana, Martinez-Navarro, Gema, Fernández-Lores, Susana

The goal of the present work is to analyze the use of social networks as a tool for social empowerment by Spanish university students, and their perception of the university as an institution that contributes to the formation of a critical and active citizenship, that provides them with the relevant digital competences. The literature review shows possible discrepancies regarding the effect of new forms of digital communication in empowering young people, specially university students, as well…

Designing for deep learning in the context of digital and social media

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Gee, James-Paul, Esteban-Guitart, Moisés

There is today a great deal of controversy over digital and social media. Even leaders in the tech industry are beginning to decry the time young people spend on smartphones and social networks. Recently, the World Health Organization proposed adding “gaming disorder” to its official list of diseases, defining it as a pattern of gaming behavior so severe that it takes “precedence over other life interests”. At the same time, many others have celebrated…

La mujer actual en los medios: estereotipos cinematográficos

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Ordóñez, Juana, Bozal, Ana

Las autoras parten del «conflicto» entre los dos sexos, generados por unas leyes que hoy en día conceden la igualdad teórica a la mujer y una interiorización de los estereotipos genéricos que permanecen en absoluta contradicción con esta supuesta igualdad. Se plantea entonces el enorme poder de los medios de comunicación para crear y/o afianzar estos estereotipos convirtiéndolos en modelos a seguir…

Teachers’ and students’ perception about cyberbullying. Intervention and coping strategies in primary and secondary education

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Giménez-Gualdo, Ana-M., Arnaiz-Sánchez, Pilar, Cerezo-Ramírez, Fuensanta, Prodócimo, Elaine

Currently, schools face the challenge of dealing with the phenomena of cyberbullying, which is increasingly present among teenagers. This study analyses teachers’ and students’ perception of the problem, as well as the strategies that both groups use to avoid it. Its findings will allow advances in prevention and intervention in the schools. The study was conducted on 1704 primary and secondary school students and 238 teachers who completed questionnaires about cyberbullying…

Los estereotipos como factor de socialización de género

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Gabaldón, Blanca

La autora parte de un detallado estudio sobre las distintas funciones asignadas a los estereotipos desde diferentes plataformas, para acabar adentrándose en el estudio de un estereotipo concreto: el de género, cuya denominación social es aún hoy día indiscutible. En el análisis de este estereotipo se profundiza en los motivos que pudieran haber llevado a la creación de este dualismo genérico cuya influencia…

La construcción de estereotipos andaluces por los medios

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Galiana, Rafael

Con un fino y exquisito lenguaje, el autor de este trabajo nos sumerge en el complejo tema de los estereotipos que se han ido gestando a lo largo del tiempo de los andaluces por confluencia de múltiples factores que les han hecho crecer como «pequeños universos de sentido» en el imaginario colectivo. Si bien los medios de comunicación no son generadores de los mismos, no hay duda que estos estereotipos gravitan sobre la conciencia social de…

Tecnofobias y tecnofilias en la escuela

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Yuste, José

En el artículo se reflexiona sobre los posicionamientos de resistencia y entreguismo que se manifiestan en la realidad educativa ante la necesidad de dar una respuesta a la cambiante realidad de los medios y las nuevas tecnologías. Tecnofobias y tecnofilias, consecuencia del tradicional miedo al cambio y la transformación, que se manifiestan con rostros distintos, pero siempre consecuencia de posturas carentes de análisis crítico y…

Televisión, sueños y angustia en los niños

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Sánchez, Jaime

El presente artículo expone el desarrollo y las conclusiones de una investigación realizada entre escolares de 4 a 10 años en la que se estudió la incidencia de la televisión en los sueños de angustia infantiles. Se investigó fundamentalmente el origen de las figuras terroríficas que aparecen en los sueños de angustia, su vinculación con la televisión, la evolución…

Towards understanding young children’s digital lives in China and Australia

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Gou, He, Dezuanni, Michael

This article develops insights and generates new lines of inquiry into young children’s digital lives in China and Australia. It brings to dialogue findings from a national study of young children's digital media use in urban settings in China with findings from studies in Australia. This is not presented as a direct comparison, but rather as an opportunity to shed light on children’s digital lives in two countries and to account for the impact of context in…

Mirror Neurons, Theatrical Mirrors and the Honor Code

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Greer, Margaret

This article relates the discovery of certain brain cells known as "mirror neurons" that help explain the biological basis of a pre-conceptual, pre-linguistic grounding of human cognition, to Lacanian theory of the formation of human subjectivity in the space of the other. In thus explains the intersubjective nature of honor that Lope describes in Los comendadores de Córdoba as "aquélla que consiste en otro". Mirror neurons theory shows…

Social Empowerment in Mexican Violent Contexts through Media Competence

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Grijalva-Verdugo, Abel-Antonio, Moreno-Candil, David

The acquisition of digital skills, media diet management, and general knowledge of ICT, is essential for the development and empowerment of audiences in the current media ecology, particularly considering the political and social challenges of the Latin American environment. In that sense, the study of media competence is urgent for sizing up the needs and characteristics of these communities. This work analyses the axiological and ideological dimension of media competence during an electoral…

El papel de los arquetipos en los actuales estereotipos sobre la mujer

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Bozal, Ana

En el inconsciente colectivo de los individuos de una determinada cultura perviven una serie de arquetipos y estereotipos que condicionan su manera de ver y vivir el mundo. Los arquetipos de género han estado especialmente presentes en la cultura occidental condicionando de forma importante el papel de los hombres y las mujeres. La autora de este trabajo propone la toma de conciencia reflexiva sobre estos mitos para recorrer el «difícil camino de salida de sus…

Problems of mouth health in patients Waraos of the population of Nabasanuka, state Delta Amacuro, Venezuela.

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Guirola, Gustavo, Mora, Erika

Mr. Editor: On several occasions, between the end of 2015 and January 2016, in dental operatives, healthcare and free, presented the opportunity to meet with the residents and representatives of the Navasanuka jungle population and surrounding communities, located in the Lower Delta of the Orinoco River, Antonio Díaz municipality, Delta Amacuro State, Venezuela (LN 09 ° 08 '11.9 "and LO 061 ° 03'31.2"), an area no higher than 2 meters…

Strategies for the communication and collaborative online work by university students

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Gutiérrez-Porlán, Isabel, Román-García, Marimar, Sánchez-Vera, Maria-del-Mar

The impact that Information and Communications Technologies have in the way today’s young people communicate and interact is unquestionable. This impact also affects the educational field, which is required to respond to the needs of twenty first century students by training them in acquiring new skills and strategies to deal with a changing and uncertain future. In this study, which involved 2,054 university students from all Spanish Universities, it delved into the knowledge of…

Góngora's Ballad "Cuatro o seis desnudos hombros" in Calderón's Theatre

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Morata, Isabel

Calderón is a great admirer of Góngora's poetry, whose verses he often borrows. This paper focuses on a specific case of this intertextuality, the presence of the ballad «Cuatro o seis desnudos hombros» in three plays. No hay burlas con el amor, Las manos blancas no ofenden and El Faetone. For this purpose, we study what verses are quoted, where we can find them and how ther are amplified in each of the plays.

Teacher-Student Relationship and Facebook-Mediated Communication: Student Perceptions

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Hershkovizt, Arnon, Forkosh-Baruch, Alona

Studentteacher relationships are vital to successful learning and teaching. Today, communication between students and teachers, a major component through which these relationships are facilitated, is taking place via social networking sites (SNS). In this study, we examined the associations between studentteacher relationship and studentteacher Facebookmediated communication. The study included Israeli middle and highschool students, ages 1219 years old (n=667). Studentteacher relationships…

Gramáticas calderonianas: en la intersección del lenguaje y del enredo

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Hildner, David

The present study focuses on a series of Calderonian turns of phrase in which characters, when expounding their dramatic situations, use terms associated with grammar or rhetoric. In some cases they remark on the congruity or incongruity of the theme of their speeches with what others have just said in theirs, using the grammatical-rhetorical notion of «case». Others adapt their narration or their argument to a pattern set by other (friendly or rival) characters, sometimes…

Conciencia crítica y televisión

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Iriarte, Gregorio

El desarrollo de actitudes receptivas y activas ante la televisión es uno de los objetivos básicos que se plantean a nivel universal todos los sistemas educativos que pretenden fomentar la educación de ciudadanos que sepan responder de forma autónoma a los retos de la sociedad actual. El autor de esta colaboración nos presenta en este trabajo algunas estrategias que se llevan a cabo con esta finalidad en este país sudamericano,…

Susana Raffalli a real activist of the nutrition in Venezuela

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Peña, Luis, Hurtado, Luis

Sr Director. Hemos realizado, con interés, un seguimiento de las acciones de la Dra. Susana Raffalli, nutricionista y activista venezolana que ha realizado cuantiosas investigaciones tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, evaluando los riesgos de desnutrición en infantes, adolescentes y adultos en zonas de alto riesgo y pobreza extrema de países como Filipinas, Camboya, Pakistán y Angola, entre otros 1 . La Dra. Raffalli realizó sus…

"Yo, que al teatro del mundo / cómica tragedia fui": Myth, Tragedy, Desengaño and Allegory in Calderón's Eco y Narciso

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Kluge, Sofie

Eco y Narciso demonstrates the paradoxical coexistence of mutually exclusive views of its mythological material: on one hand, in the foreground of the scene, as it were, we have a tragic reading of the myth characterized by te moving representation of subjective feeling and a realist depiction of the protagonists' psychology; on the other hand, employing a trascendental perspective the play launches a symbolic or 'moral' reading of the ancient myth, which renders it yet…

Los ambiguos juegos del acaso en «Peor está que estaba» y «Mejor está que estaba»

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Kroll, Simon

This article tries to explain some of Calderón’s basic comic skills and the tools employed to achieve his dramatic effects, dealing especially with chance. After a short introduction about different chance theories, it explains how polyvalent references, wrong identifications and chance create Calderón’s comic plays. The investigation finishes with a brief mention of the probability calculus in the seventeenth century and concludes that Calderó…

The Representation of Workingwomen in Spanish Television Fiction

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Lacalle, Charo, Gómez, Beatriz

During the sixties and seventies the limited presence of women in the public sphere was reflected in the restricted repertoire of roles played by female characters in television fiction (mainly those of mothers and wives). The strengthening of the feminist movement in the following decades increased and diversified the portrayals of women in the workplace, and further encouraged academic research on the social construction of working women. Despite the relevance of female professionals in…

Socio-cognitive and emotional factors on perpetration of cyberbullying

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Larrañaga, Elisa, Navarro, Raúl, Yubero, Santiago

Research on the characteristics shown by children who cyberbully others is scarce. The objective of this research is to know the variables that predict the involvement of youngsters in cyberbullying perpetration. The current study examined the relation between socio-cognitive and emotional variables and cyberbullying perpetration. It examined the cyberbullies' beliefs about moral disengagement towards cyberbullying. It tested also the social support and emotional reactions to…

Neobarroco audiovisual. Una hermenéutica de «Memorias de apariencias: La vida es sueño» de Raúl Ruiz

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Latorre, Jorge, Pronkevich, Oleksandr

The present article analyses Raúl Ruiz’ movie Memoria de apariencias: La vida es sueño (1986) in relation to Calderón de la Barca’s La vida es sueño, which the chilenean director adapted to his situation of being in exile. Both Works play a central role in the history of audiovisual arts. The Spanish playwright synthesized the poetical, dramatic and scenographic resources in a way that converted theatrical presentations into an…

Rhetorical Aspects of Calderón's Sacramental Play El tesoro escondido

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Lauer, A.

A late calderonian work like the auto sacramental entitled El tesoro escondido (1679) reflects the culminating point of Pedro Calderón de la Barca's rhetorical style. This essay emphasizes the most significant rhetorical strategies used in this auto, stressing in particular the following: accumulation, epithet, etymology, exclamation, interrogation, metaphor, and parallelism. The richness of Calderón's rhetorical devices has yet to be studied in all its…

La comicidad de un enredo: «Con quien vengo, vengo», de Calderón de la Barca

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Niso, Rebeca

Con quien vengo, vengo is one of Calderon’s comedies practically unnoticed by critics. It is an urban love comedy developing in a plot where misunderstandings, identity changes, disguises, and the nocturnal are present. In this article, different resources used by the playwright to create a comedy and its functionality in the thematic thread are reviewed. Furthermore, the role of the gracioso character, his distinctive features and different linguistic resources are analysed. 

Para la cartelera teatral de los Autos Sacramentales de Calderón en el siglo XVIII

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Niso, Rebeca

The presence of Calderonian theatre in the 18th century is verified through the different theatre programmes, especially during the first half of the century, and, particularly, when we talk about autos sacramentales performances. The present article undertakes a detailed and systematic analysis about the sacramental genre in the theatre programmes. It provides information, through different sources, about some of the most important theatres all over the Iberian Peninsula. In this way, this…

Datos de investigación abiertos: visión global de los científicos y casos a considerar

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
López-Borrull, Alexandre

En octubre de 2016, el repositorio de datos Figshare, junto con Digital Science, una empresa tecnológica, publicaron un dossier monográfico sobre datos abiertos: The state of open data. https://figshare.com https://www.digital-science.com

Progress of thematic repositories and megajournals: Perspectives in 2018

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
López-Borrull, Alexandre

The evolution of several thematic repositories that appeared in 2017 is described, as well as some of the future trends related to the issue. Also, the future of megajournals is discussed, with emphasis on its viability, business model, and consolidation strategies.

Technological Skills and New Professional Profiles: Present Challenges for Journalism

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
López-García, Xosé, Rodríguez-Vázquez, Ana-Isabel, Pereira-Fariña, Xosé

The paper aims at understanding the intersections between technology and the professional practices in some of the new trends in journalism that are using the new tools: multimedia journalism, immersive journal-ism and data journalism. The great dilemma facing journalism when training new professionals -especially the youngest- is not anymore the training in new technologies anymore. The main concern lies in taking ad-vantage of their skills to create a new computational model while keeping the…

Defining the Rules of the Game: Calderón and the Virtual Space

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Martín, Francisco

This essay presents the manner in which Calderón involves the spectator in his plays Life is a Dream and, Eco and Narciso, making the spectator live an imaginary reality. These plays are dealing with the use of information and the active interference of the public/players in massive videogames such as Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Second Life, which try to represent some aspect of reality. In spite of the contemporary aspect of the "virtual reality" concept, Calder…

Mitos, estereotipos y arquetipos de la educación en los medios

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Abril, Felicidad

A manera de introducción, Felicidad Loscertales, profesora de la Universidad de Sevilla y coordinadora de este monográfico –dedicado a los estereotipos en los medios de comunicación– nos sitúa el tema en el contexto de la socialización y la educación, incidiendo en la crucial trascendencia que los medios de comunicación tienen en la sociedad actual como espejos y moduladores de la realidad social.…

Estereotipos y valores de los profesores en el cine

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Abril, Felicidad

Si el cine es ante todo un reflejo de la realidad social en la que vivimos, puede entenderse fácilmente su constante recurso a los estereotipos para llegar más a «comunicarse» con su público, ya que éstos permiten el uso de códigos sencillos y accesibles. La autora se sumerge en este trabajo en la identidad profesional de los docentes y sus reflejos en el cine, a través de un análisis de los valores…

Las silvas como medio expresivo en pasajes marítimos de los autos de Calderón de la Barca

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Rebollo, Carlos

The present article attempts to prove that silvas pareadas have an expressive link with maritime passages. The autor studies fi ve autos sacramentales by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. This poetic form has a free structure in terms of extension: it has no limits of strophes. This characteristic makes silvas pareadas suitable for maritime passages. Calderón can include a smaller or higher quantity of heptasyllabic verses according to the case. The autor therefore argues that…

San Tirso de Toledo, Lope de Vega’s Lost Tragedy

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Durán, Abraham

This paper studies the series of fictional circumstances surrounding Lope’s lost tragedy, San Tirso de Toledo (1597), which was specifically commissioned by the town hall of Toledo to show that the city had a new patron saint, as the Jesuit Jerónimo Román de la Higuera wanted. It recounts the clash of opinions that the issue provoked between the town hall and the primate cathedral, as well as how Lope took sides in the matter. The study also provides the likely…

Excessive use of social networks: Psychosocial profile of Spanish adolescents

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Malo-Cerrato, Sara, Martín-Perpiñá, Maria-de-las-Mercedes, Viñas-Poch, Ferran

Understanding the factors that predict excessive use of social networks in adolescence can help prevent problems as addictive behaviours, loneliness or cyberbullying. The main aim was to ascertain the psychological and social profile of adolescents whose use of SNSS is excessive. Participants comprised 1,102 adolescents aged between 11 and 18 from Girona (Spain). Those who made excessive use of social networks were grouped together. Their personality and social profiles were explored, the…

Malnutrition and the food crisis on the hope of life of the Venezuelans

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Motezuma, Jean, Gutiérrez, José

Malnutrition and the food crisis are facts that affect the majority of people living in Venezuela; this situation has been mentioned in this magazine on several occasions through research articles, as a public health problem. On the other hand, the Caritas Organization of Venezuela, estimates that in our country 280,000 children could die from malnutrition. In this sense, the studies reveal that during the year 2017, between five and six children died weekly due to lack of food, and that at…

«El gran teatro del mundo» de Calderón, en las ilustraciones de Andrés Barajas (1986)

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Marigno, Emmanuel

I analyze Andrés Barajas’ illustrations of Calderón’s El gran teatro del mundo, manifesting the philosophical and theological hypertexts with iconographic palimpsests that influenced the prints of Barajas. Parting from the formal and hermeneutic input of Barajas’ work on the play and viceversa, it will be shown that there is an iconographic continuum from the middle ages to the twentieth century.

The idea of grey literature makes no sense in the 2.0 era

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Martínez-Méndez, Francisco-Javier, López-Carreño, Rosana

The rapid progress that ICTs have introduced to our field is not always accompanied by updates of the theoretical bases that sometimes are in danger of becoming obsolete and useless. An example of this problem is the concept of “grey literature”, which remains practically unchanged in the textbooks and study manuals written in Spanish. This has not been the case at an international level, where various international conferences have been organized to update this discipline.…

Mitología de hoy: los medios de comunicación, un reto para los docentes

Repositorio: Scipedia Open Access
Loscertales, Felicidad

Después de analizar el relevante papel que el mito y el arquetipo cumplen en las sociedades primitivas como mecanismos de socialización, la autora nos descubre que en la compleja sociedad moderna, tras los supuestos valores transmisibles por los arquetipos, se esconden a menudo motivaciones políticas y económicas. A partir de este planteamiento, se propone un trabajo en el aula destinado a desenmascarar esos falsos arquetipos que los medios de…