Consolidation and rationalization of the public companies in Spain: the information and communication technologies (ICT) holding

Calvo Calvo, Ángel, 1949-
This article aims to study a strategic sector in the first years of the new millennium, whose results have been already been partially presented. It is structured into four main sections, which include the introduction, a presentation of the public sector of information and communication technologies, the restructuring of the public sector of ICTs and the birth of the Inisel group, called to play an important role in the future for its leading role in the creation of the technological firm Indra. The article, which is predominantly descriptive in nature, combines industrial history with strategic management, and methodologically is a case study using primary sources of both public and private origin together with reports and studies from large international organizations.
Repository: Recercat: Dipósit de la Recerca de Catalunya