Joining polynomial and exponential combinatorics for some entire maps

Garijo Real, Antonio, Jarque i Ribera, Xavier, Moreno Rocha, Mónica
We consider families of entire transcendental maps given by Fλ,m(z) = λzm exp(z) where m ≥ 2. All these maps have a superattracting fixed point at z = 0 and a free critical point at z = −m. In parameter planes we focus on the capture zones, i.e., we consider λ values for which the free critical point belongs to the basin of attraction of z = 0. We explain the connection between the dynamics near zero and the dynamics near infinity at the boundary of the immediate basin of attraction of the origin, thus, joining together exponential and polynomial behaviors in the same dynamical plane.
Repository: Recercat: Dipósit de la Recerca de Catalunya