Correlation of zinc with oxidative stress biomarkers.

Morales-Suárez-Varela M, Llopis-González A, González-Albert V, López-Izquierdo R, González-Manzano I, Cháves J, Huerta-Biosca V, Martin-Escudero JC
Hypertension and smoking are related with oxidative stress (OS), which in turn reports on cellular aging. Zinc is an essential element involved in an individual's physiology. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relation of zinc levels in serum and urine with OS and cellular aging and its effect on the development of hypertension. In a Spanish sample with 1500 individuals, subjects aged 20-59 years were selected, whose zinc intake levels fell within the recommended limits. These individuals were classified according to their smoking habits and hypertensive condition. A positive correlation was found (Pearson's C=0.639; p=0.01) between Zn serum/urine quotient and oxidized glutathione levels (GSSG). Finally, risk of hypertension significantly increased when the GSSG levels exceeded the 75 percentile; OR=2.80 (95%CI=1.09-7.18) and AOR=3.06 (95%CI=0.96-9.71). Low zinc levels in serum were related with OS and cellular aging and were, in turn, to be a risk factor for hypertension.
Repository: r-FISABIO: Repositorio Institucional de Producción Científica