Are ambidextrous intellectual capital and HRM needed for an ambidextrous learning?

Pasamar Reyes, Susana, Diaz-Fernandez, Mirta, Valle Cabrera, Ramón
Organizational learning has become increasingly important for strategic renewal. Ambidextrous organizations are specially succesfull in current environment, where firms require efficiency and adaptation to changes. Organizational ambidexterity is still in the process of developing into a new research paradigm in organizational research. In this study, we discuss arguments about the ambidextrous character, we identify the intellectual capital characteristics that better support learning types, the HRM practices adequate for the components of intellectual capital, and if the organizational intellectual capital plays any mediating role in the relationship between HRM practices and organizational learning., Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Departamento de Organización de Empresas y Marketing
Repository: RIO: Repositorio Institucional Olavide