Cálculos de convección natural en una cavidad usando el método de segundos momentos,

Pepper, D.
A quasi-Lagrangian numerical method used primarily for environmental transport problems is used to solve the equation set for convective heat transfer within a differentially heated enclosure. The numerical method calculates the zeroth, first, and second moment distributions of vorticity and temperature within a cell. A Lagrangian procedure which uses the moment distributions is used to solve the advection terms in order to eliminate numerical dispersion errors. Since the method maintains subgrid scale resolution, single cell distributions and areas of steep gradients can be resolved without significant computational damping. The method of fractional steps is used to calculate the advection and diffusion terms separately. The technique is particularly attractive for heat transfer calculations and low to moderate Rayleigh number sirnulations; however, low CFL limits are required for Rayleigh numbers greater than 10 .
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