Marginalized and Rebellious: Juan Ruiz de Alarcón and Fernando Zárate Castronovo, Playwrights

Muñoz, Margarita
This article offers a comparison between two plays: Mudarse por mejorarse by Juan Ruiz de Alarcón y Mudarse por mejorarse by Fernando Zárate Castronovo (ca. 1663) in order to examine the authors’ Jewish origins, personalities and biographies. Both of them suffered harassment from other authors (Alarcón) and from Spanish Inquisition (Zárate). Alarcón, who was an isolated but peaceful man, died in Madrid the 4th of August 1639. On the contrary, Zárate, who was rebellious and defeated, died at Sevilla’s Inquisition Palace, the 18th of March 1663. As a conclusion, we can confirm that Zárate Castronovo just copied the title of Alarcón’s comedy to be able to relate it to the unconscious desire of «change» the physical appearence (Alarcón) or the fate (Zárate).
Repository: Scipedia Open Access