Testimonials in health-related radio advertising in Spain and their regulation (2009-2016)

Perelló-Oliver, Salvador, Muela-Molina, Clara, Campos-Zabala, María-Victoria
The objective of this work is to analyze the nature of testimonials that advertise products with alleged health benefits, the testimonial characteristics and the evolution in Spanish radio. The study of quantitative and multistage nature is based on the content analysis of radio spots from two different time samples: 1,664 spots in 2009 and 3,909 in 2016 which, after the required data filtering process, were reduced to 147 and 122 testimonials, respectively. One of the implications derived from this work is that the public administration should improve the monitoring and control of illicit advertising that involves health-related products. The media itself should implement advertising protocols that include prior review and self-regulation.
Repository: Scipedia Open Access