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Reduction of symmetry in grandite solid solution

Description: The results of a crystal structure refinement of an anisotropic grandite garnet specimen with composition Gro36-4 And63-6 are given. The structure obtained has orthorrombic symmetry (space group Fddd) and is compared with similar results obtained by other authors. In all cases the reduction of symme...
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Identificació d'intercreixements submicroscòpics de pigeonita de baixa temperatura en salita

Description: Pigeonitic submicroscogic laminar (100) intergrowths, less than 1 thin, in a salite of composition En,,w~,,Fe,~ have been identified by electron microscopy and electron diffraction techniques. The parametres of the pigeonitic intergrowth were obtained from calibrated electron diffraction patterns, b...
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Cation distribution and magnetization of BaFe12-2xCoxSnxO19 (x=0.9,1.28) single crystals

Description: The distribution of Sn4+ cations within the five crystallographic sites of the magnetoplumbite (M) ‐like compound BaFe12−2xCoxSnxO19 has been analyzed using single‐crystal x‐ray‐diffraction data. The species Fe3+ and Co2+ cannot be distinguished using x rays because of their very similar atomic numb...
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New Insights into the Concept of Ilmenite as an Indicator for Diamond Exploration, Based on Kimberlite Petrographic Analysis

Description: This study presents results of the initial phase of the research project, "Kimberlites associated to the Lucapa structure, Angola (Africa)", within the framework of a multilateral agreement between the Faculty of Geology Universitat de Barcelona, the Empresa Nacional de Diamantes de Angola and the A...
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Serpentinites and serpentinites within a fossil subduction channel: La Corea mélange, eastern Cuba

Description: A variety of metaultramafic (serpentinite) rocks in La Corea mélange, Sierra de Cristal, eastern Cuba, show differences in chemical, textural and mineralogical characteristics demonstrating a variety of protoliths. The mélange originated during the Cretaceous as part of the subduction channel associ...
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Efficiency of magnesium hydroxide as engineering seal in the geological sequestration of CO2

Description: Injection of CO2 at depth will cause the acidification of groundwater. As a preliminary study for the potential use of MgO as an alternative to Portland cement in injection wells, MgO carbonation has been studied by means of stirred batch experiments under subcritic (pCO(2) of 10 and 50 bar and T of...
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Magnetic behavior of the BaFe4-2xSn2+xCoxO11 system: From cluster glass to kagome phase

Description: The cationic distribution of the solid solution BaFe 4 − 2 x Sn 2 + x Co x O 11 (0≤x≤2) has been determined by using combined neutron and x-ray diffraction. A very strong cation site selectivity has been found: Sn atoms do not enter 4f(1/2) sites at all, but this site is occupied by both Fe and Co...
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Major- and Trace- Elements compositions of indicator minerals that occur as macro- and megacrist, and of xenoliths, from kimberlites in northeastern Angola

Description: In this study, we compare the major- and trace-element compositions of olivine, garnet, and clinopyroxene that occur as single crystals (142 grains), with those derived from xenoliths (51 samples) from six kimberlites in the Lucapa area, northeastern Angola: Tchiuzo, Anomaly 116, Catoca, Alto Cuilo-...
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Ni Enrichment and stability of Al-free garnierite solid-solutions: a thermodynamic approach

Description: Garnierites represent significant Ni ore minerals in the many Ni-laterite deposits worldwide. The occurrence of a variety of garnierite minerals with variable Ni content poses questions about the conditions of their formation. From an aqueous-solution equilibrium thermodynamic point of view, the pre...
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Tres generaciones de serpentina en el perfil laterítico niquelífero del Ne de Cuba)

Description: Los yacimientos lateríticos de Ni-Co producen actualmente alrededor del 40% del Ni mundial. Sin embargo, el conocimiento sobre la distribución de Ni en las distintas fases minerales presentes en estos depósitos es sólo a un nivel muy genérico y de poco detalle composicional y estructural.
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