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Specific Changes in Young Soccer Player's Fitness After Traditional Bilateral vs. Unilateral Combined Strength and Plyometric Training

  • Ramírez-Campillo, Rodrigo
  • Sánchez-Sánchez, Javier
  • Gonzalo-Skok, Óliver
  • Rodríguez Fernández, Alejandro
  • Carretero, Manuel
  • Nakamuro, F. Y.
The aim of this study was to compare changes in young soccer player's fitness after traditional bilateral vs. unilateral combined plyometric and strength training. Male athletes were randomly divided in two groups; both received the same training, including strength training for knee extensors and flexors, in addition to horizontal plyometric training drills. The only difference between groups was the mode of drills technique: unilateral (UG; n = 9; age, 17.3 +/- 1.1 years) vs. bilateral (TG; n = 9; age, 17.6 +/- 0.5 years). One repetition maximum bilateral strength of knee muscle extensors (1RM_KE) and flexors (1RM_KF), change of direction ability (COD), horizontal and vertical jump ability with one (unilateral) and two (bilateral) legs, and limb symmetry index were measured before and after an 8-week in-season intervention period. Some regular soccer drills were replaced by combination of plyometric and strength training drills. Magnitude-based inference statistics were used for between-group and within-group comparisons. Beneficial effects (p < 0.05) in 1RM_KE, COD, and several test of jumping performance were found in both groups in comparison to pre-test values. The limb symmetry index was not affected in either group. The beneficial changes in 1RM_KE (8.1%; p = 0.074) and 1RM_KF (6.7%; p = 0.004), COD (3.1%; p = 0.149), and bilateral jump performance (from 2.7% [p = 0.535] to 10.5% [p = 0.002]) were possible to most likely beneficial in the TG than in the UG. However, unilateral jump performance measures achieved likely to most likely beneficial changes in the UG compared to the TG (from 4.5% [p = 0.090] to 8.6% [p = 0.018]). The improvements in jumping ability were specific to the type of jump performed, with greater improvements in unilateral jump performance in the UG and bilateral jump performance in the TG. Therefore, bilateral strength and plyometric training should be complemented with unilateral drills, in order to maximize adaptations.


English for pharmacy : An esp course in a clil context

  • Woźniak, Monika
  • Acebes de la Arada, Desirée
This article deals with an ESP course taught as an obligatory subject in a pharmacy undergraduate degree programme in Spain. The language course is only one of the contexts involving disciplinary English as the degree programme integrates English in several content subjects. The ESP course is an attempt to find the right balance between students' language needs, pharmacy-specific language skills, and the language-related demands of pharmacy content subjects which integrate English. The co-existence of ESP and CLIL teaching is seen as an opportunity for a closer cooperation and coordination with disciplinary experts to make connections between disciplines and activities towards better learning outcomes. We propose a course aimed at raising students' language awareness through focused tasks which will cater to student's communicative needs related to the two main themes of the course: chemistry and pharmaceutical care.


The issues of the Spanish political leaders in Twitter. Analysis of the two electoral campaigns in 2015, Los temas de los líderes políticos españoles en Twitter. Análisis de las dos campañas electorales de 2015

  • Zugasti Azagra, Ricardo
  • García-Ortega, Carmela
Este artículo se centra en los temas publicados por cada uno de los cuatro principales líderes políticos españoles en sus cuentas personales de Twitter durante las campañas electorales de las municipales y autonómicas de mayo de 2015 y las generales de diciembre del mismo año. La metodologia empleada es un análisis de contenido cuantitativo aplicado a los 2.998 tuits publicados por Mariano Rajoy (PP), Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) y Albert Rivera (Ciudadanos) durante ambas campañas electorales, lo que permite identificar los temas, así conocer las similitudes y las diferencias en función de cada campaña y de cada candidato. Los resultados muestran que el tema principal de los cuatro candidatos en ambas elecciones son las propias actividades del partido o candidato durante la campaña, si bien el peso es menor durante la campaña de las generales, comicios donde los lideres son también candidatos y ofrecen, salvo Iglesias, una mayor actividad tuitera y una mayor pluralidad temática. Diferenciando entre líderes, Rajoy y Sánchez destacan los asuntos económicos, mientras que Iglesias y Rivera se centran en la corrupción y la regeneración democrática., This piece of research focuses on the issues published in Twitter by the main four Spanish political leaders during the local and regional elections and general elections, both held in 2015. The research method is a quantitative content analysis applied to the 2,998 tweets published by Mariano Rajoy (PP), Pedro Sanchez (PSOE), Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) and Albert Rivera (Ciudadanos). The objectives are to identify the campaign issues and to compare their presence between different campaigns and leaders. The results show that the main issue in both elections is the own party campaign activities. However, the presence of this topic decreases during the general election, when the leaders are also candidates, are more active in Twitter and include a broader variety of issues. Regarding the main differences between leaders, Rajoy and Sanchez highlight the economic issues, while Iglesias and Rivera focused on corruption and political regeneration.


Manifiestos para un arte comprometido en la época digital, Manifestos for committed art in the digital age

  • Lázaro, Francisco Javier
  • Henar, Jacobo
In the final decade of the last century, the appearance of artistic practices relating to digital technological media, and even more so the introduction of the internet, has brought about the emergence of an abundant series of theoretical texts with the intention of defining said behaviours, and at the same time, justifying their existence. Texts which serve to reupdate the large quantity of art literature – manifestos - which came about during the first third of the 20th century with the historic avant-garde movements. Furthermore, some of the more recent manifestos refocus on the concepts that were already outlined at that time, relating to the role and mission of the artist, their capacity to influence for change (activism), the receiving public and the artistic manifestations themselves (characteristics of the work of art, beyond formal questions, and their dissemination in a sense relating to the masses), in a context that is much more complex and rich, associated with a change in the sociocultural paradigm, as was the arrival of so-called "mass society". Our work has been focused on considering more vital aspects cited above, some of which have the same subject matter as a number of the more significant texts, beginning with The Conscience of a Hacker (1986), by Loyd Blankenship, and lastly, Redefinition of Artistic Practices (2000-2001), by the Société Anonyme, La aparición de las prácticas artísticas asociadas a los medios tecnológicos digitales, y más aún a partir de la implantación de internet, en la última década del siglo pasado, ha motivado el surgimiento de una abundante serie de textos teóricos con la pretensión de definir dichas actuaciones y, a la vez, justificar su existencia. Textos que no hacen sino reactualizar la abundante literatura artística –los manifiestos– que se dio durante el primer tercio de siglo xx con las vanguardias históricas. Asimismo, algunos de los manifiestos más recientes reenfocan los conceptos ya esbozados en aquella época, en torno al papel y la misión del artista, su capacidad de influencia para el cambio (activismo), el público receptor y las propias manifestaciones (características de la obra de arte, más allá de las cuestiones formales, y su difusión en un sentido masivo), en un contexto mucho más complejo y rico, asociado con un cambio


Análisis de la efectividad de la técnica de punción seca en cefaleas: revisión sistemática, Effectiveness of dry needling for headache: A systematic review

  • Vázquez-Justes, D.
  • Yarzábal-Rodríguez, R.
  • Doménech-García, Victor
  • Herrero Gállego, Pablo
  • Bellosta-López, Pablo
Non-pharmacological treatment of patients with headache, such as dry needling(DN), is associated with less morbidity and mortality and lower costs than pharmacologicaltreatment. Some of these techniques are useful in clinical practice. The aim of this study wasto review the level of evidence for DN in patients with headache.Methods: We performed a systematic review of randomised clinical trials on headache andDN on the PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, and PEDro databases. Methodological quality wasevaluated with the Spanish version of the PEDro scale by 2 independent reviewers.Results: Of a total of 136 studies, we selected 8 randomised clinical trials published between1994 and 2019, including a total of 577 patients. Tw o studies evaluated patients with cervico-genic headache, 2 evaluated patients with tension-type headache, one study assessed patientswith migraine, and the remaining 3 evaluated patients with mixed-type headache (tension-typeheadache/migraine). Quality ratings ranged from low (3/10) to high (7/10). The effective-ness of DN was similar to that of the other interventions. DN was associated with significantimprovements in functional and sensory outcomes.Conclusions: Dry needling should be considered for the treatment of headache, and may beapplied either alone or in combination with pharmacological treatments., El uso de tratamientos no farmacológicos en pacientes con cefalea, como lapunción seca (PS), está asociado a una baja morbimortalidad y a un bajo coste sanitario. Algunoshan demostrado utilidad en la práctica clínica. El objetivo de esta revisión fue analizar el gradode evidencia de la efectividad de la PS en la cefalea.Métodos: Revisión sistemática de ensayos clínicos aleatorizados sobre cefalea y PS en las basesde datos biomédicas PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus y PEDro. Se evaluó la calidad de losestudios incluidos mediante la escala PEDro por 2 evaluadores de forma independiente.Resultados: De un total de 136 estudios, se seleccionaron 8 ensayos clínicos publicados entre1994 y 2019, incluyendo en total 577 pacientes. Dos estudios evaluaron pacientes con cefaleacervicogénica, otros 2, pacientes con cefalea tensional, y otro, pacientes con migra ̃na. Los otros3 estudios evaluaron pacientes con cefalea de características mixtas (tensional/migra ̃na). Lacalidad de los estudios incluidos osciló entre «baja» (3/10) y «alta» (8/10). La eficacia de la PSsobre los episodios de cefalea fue similar a la de los tratamientos con los que se comparó. Noobstante, obtuvo mejoras significativas respecto a variables funcionales y de sensibilidad.Conclusiones: La punción seca es una técnica a considerar para el tratamiento de las cefa-leas en la consulta, pudiendo utilizarse de forma rutinaria, bien de forma aislada, bien encombinación con terapias farmacológicas.


Juvenopedia: Mapping of Latin American Youths, (Crítica de libros)

  • Romea Martínez, Ana Cristina
Es reseña de: Juvenopedia. Mapeo de las juventudes iberoamericanas. Barcelona : NED Ediciones, 2016, Si bien es difícil poder clasificar estos diecisiete relatos e investigaciones tan complejas y llenas de matices, a lo largo de este libro se pueden intuir cuatro grandes bloques temáticos que, uniéndolos, nos ofrecerían visión completa de las juventudes desde una perspectiva multisituada.


Relation between educational level and body composition in non-institutionalized elderly: The elderly EXERNET multi-center study

  • Sagarra-Romero, L.
  • Gómez-Cabello, Alba
  • Pedrero-Chamizo, R.
  • Vila-Maldonado, S.
  • Gusi-Fuertes, N.
  • Villa-Vicente, J. G.
  • Espino-Toron, L.
  • Gonzalez-Gross, M.
  • Casajus, José Antonio
  • Vicente-Rodriguez, G.
  • Royo, Ignacio Ara
Background: There is an inverse association between educational level and body composition; however this association has strongly focused in young and adults population. The aim of this study was to analyze the educational levels attained in overweight and obesity Spanish elderly and to investigate if there was a correlation between having a low educational level and the risk of having overweight, central obesity or excess fat mass during the aging process. Methods: A representative sample of 2706 elderly (629 men and 2077 women; mean age of 72.1 +/- 5.3 years) from Spain were assessed in the elderly EXERNET multi-center study between 2008 and 2009. Body composition was assessed in all subjects by bioelectrical impedance. ANCOVA was used to compare the averages between the groups. Logistic regression was used to calculate the association between educational level and the risk of having overweight, central fat or obesity. Results: We observed significances between waist circumference and educational level in both sex (men 96.6 cm, women 86.3 cm); (p<0.05 and p<0.01, respective). There is an inverse association between the academic level, fat mass (29.5 kg) and percentage of body fat (40.8%) in women (p<0.05, p<0.01, respectively). No differences were observed in men. Conclusions: A low educational level increases the possibility of having overweight or obesity in women and to have an increased waist circumference in both sexes.


Transmedia and fashion: realism and virtuality in Chanel and Gaultier

  • Viñas Limonchi, Manuel
The evolution of the fashion industry in the area of creativity depends mainly on the stylistic contribution made by the fashion designer responsible for the conception and manufacture of the final product, as well as of its dramatized show and/or media exhibition. This same product finds suitable mechanisms for its artistic and influential expansion in the technological area of communication. This article addresses a review of resources, mainly of an iconographic nature, that will indeed favour the placement of this creative aspect within the domain of the transmedia narrative. This is an analysis validated at the advertising level through the art direction of two fashion designers, Lagerfeld and Gaultier, who suggest in their proposals a migration of content to different media as a complement to the natural performance that unfolds on the fashion catwalk.


Adalimumab and Etanercept in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondyloarthropathies: Budget Impact Model of Dose Reduction

  • Álvarez, Alejandro González
  • Gómez Barrera, Manuel
  • Blasco, Joaquín Borrás
  • Serret, Emilio José Giner
Abstract: Objective: To assess the financial impact of spacing out the administration intervals of adalimumab (ADA) and etanercept (ETN) in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and spondyloarthropathies (SAP) in our work setting. Materials and method: A budget impact model (BIM) was developed to estimate the financial impact of spacing out the usual administration intervals of ADA 40 mg every 2 weeks and ETN 50 mg weekly (scenario A) to ADA 40 mg every 3 weeks and ETN 50 mg every 2 weeks (scenario B), according to the guidelines and recommendations applied to these studies, specifying the target population, the study perspective, the time frame, and analysing the robustness of the study with a threshold univariate sensitivity analysis. Results: A total of 71 patients were included in the study. The application of a BIM showed annual savings for ADA and ETN of €19,784 and €38,271, respectively. The net cost, that is, the savings this entailed for the time frame considered (2 years), amounted to 116,110. The sensitivity analysis performed shows that the BIM estimated for the study period was very robust, as the net result in the different scenarios varied very little, remaining negative in the new scenarios. Conclusions: The BIM developed in the study shows the importance of the role of healthcare professionals in the context of sustainability of the healthcare system, where the model could generate large annual net savings for the different regional healthcare systems.


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