Acetoxymethyl-BODIPY Dyes NMR Dataset

Digital.CSIC. Repositorio Institucional del CSIC
Digital.CSIC. Repositorio Institucional del CSIC
  • Blázquez-Moraleja, Alberto
  • Maierhofer, Larissa
  • Mann, Enrique
  • Prieto Montero, Ruth
  • Oliden-Sánchez, Ainhoa
  • Celada, Lucía
  • Martínez, Virginia
  • Chiara, María-Dolores
  • Chiara, José Luis
Proton and carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR or 13C NMR) spectra were recorded on a Bruker Avance III-400 (400 and 100 MHz, respectively) or a Varian System 500 (500 and 125 MHz, respectively) spectrometers. Chemical shifts are expressed in parts per million (? scale) downfield from tetramethylsilane and are referenced to residual peaks of the deuterated NMR solvent used. Weighted Fourier transform and phase and baseline adjustment processing using the program MestReNova version 14.1.2-25024, Current methods for the preparation of functional small-molecule fluorophores generally require labor-intensive, multi-step synthetic routes for all the major chromophore groups. In spite of recent significant contributions from numerous laboratories, the paucity of rapid, straightforward and wide-scope synthetic strategies in this field is limiting the development of advanced probes for bioimaging, sensing and therapeutic applications. We describe herein a general and robust methodology for the one-step fluorescent labeling of a wide variety of molecules having C-, N-, P-, O-, S-, or halide-nucleophilic centers, using stable and readily available acetoxymethyl-BODIPYs as reagents in the presence of an acid catalyst. This modular methodology allows a very facile preparation of mono- and di-functional probes incorporating a broad assortment of biomolecules, enzyme cofactors, natural products, and other chromophores, as well as chemical functionalities for a wide range of applications including bioorthogonal conjugation, polymerization, and supramolecular chemistry, among others. The photophysical properties and preliminary applications of the new probes in live-cell imaging were also studied. The described strategy enables the high-throughput engineering of novel BODIPY dyes with diverse functionalities for basic and applied science with potential for innovative technological applications., Instituto de Salud Carlos III/FEDER A way to make Europe/Investing in your future" (project 20/01754), MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 (projects PID2020-114347RB-C31 and PID2020-114347RB-C32), Gobierno Vasco-Eusko Jaurlaritza (project IT1639-22). A.B.-M. and L.C. thank MICIN for a FPI (BES-2015-073571) and a FPU (FPU2017-01317) predoctoral contract, respectively. R.P.M thanks MIU and NGEU for a postdoctoral contract (MARSA21/71). A.O.S. thanks UPV-EHU for a predoctoral fellowship, Peer reviewed

Digital.CSIC. Repositorio Institucional del CSIC

Digital.CSIC. Repositorio Institucional del CSIC
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Digital.CSIC. Repositorio Institucional del CSIC